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Finding the Right Suit for the Groom - Part 2

By Mark Ferguson

Hire, off the rack, or tailor? Each option has its advantages and disadvantages. For instance, hiring a suit is probably your least expensive route, costing as little as $200. The downside is that the fit isn’t going to be anywhere near perfect. You’ll also probably discover that the selection of styles and colours is somewhat limited.

The next option would be to purchase an off the rack suit. Although it’s slightly more expensive (ranging anywhere from $400 to $1500), unlike a rental you’ll actually obtain something tangible for your money. Therefore, even though you’re paying more, you’ll get to use it multiple times. You’ll also have access to a wide variety of brands, styles, and colours fashionable at the time. However, there are some disadvantageous to this option, too. First off, the fit still isn’t going to be perfect, and there can be a significant amount of time spent going from store to store searching for just the right suit.

Your third option is to consider the services of a tailor. Of course, on the upper end, a tailor-made suit can go as high as $3000, but the beginning price of just $849 is surprisingly reasonable. The advantages are many: You’ll get a custom fit, along with personalized services from an expert. Also, because the suit is cut just for you, there’s no worry about seeing a dozen men at the wedding in the same suit as yours. Finally, you’ll find that a tailored suit is a good investment, as it can be worn to impress on many occasions after the wedding.

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