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Custom Umbrellas Brisbane

Custom Umbrellas Brisbane

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Hand Crafted Umbrellas

The art of custom making umbrellas can only be handed down from generation to generation and our Italian maker has been carrying on this family tradition since the 1850's.  Only experience enables an artisan's excellence.

The focus is luxury, only choosing to specialise in high quality raw materials. This pillar of quality is supported by the exotic woods used in the umbrellas which are imported from Indonesia, Japan, America and Canada.

European woods such as chestnut, hazel and ash along with typical Italian materials such as broom root, which comes from Calabria, Sicily or Tuscany.

By choice we use polyester produced in Como which has extended duration as the fabric lasts 40-50 years. English silk is also an option.

The handmade umbrellas are expertly created in 70 – 110 steps and produced in Milan.

You choose from a vast range of canopy fabrics including tartans, stripes, solids and checks. Your choice is usually complementary to your personal style. If outgoing, we have the bolder colours and patterns for you. If you are more classically inclined, we have more traditional options.

You then pair the canopy with the wood of your choice, you can choose to have a wood handle, calf leather or an exotic Ox, Warthog or Oryx handle.

The personalisation is finished off with monogrammed plates to the handle.

These umbrellas provide a unique gift opportunity or treat yourself and future generations, as these umbrellas will become heirlooms.

Mens and ladies custom umbrellas available.

From $500

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