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Wil Valor - Custom Tailoring

Wil Valor - Custom Tailoring

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Who are we?

We are considerate, compassionate, friendly, highly trained, passionate people with vast styling and fitting experience who care deeply about your success on every level.

We enjoy developing trusting relationships and gathering a deep understanding of our clientele and their needs. We consider each and every one of our clients as ambassadors of the brand, so our client's satisfaction is our priority and one of the keys to Wil Valor's success.


formal suit

Lewis' Story

It was a pleasure work with Lewis and his family to create his formal suit. Confidence is essential to any type of success, and we love playing our part.

Vicky’s review: 

"My son Lewis has autism. He met a customer of Mark’s who told him that confidence can begin with a good suit. He told him he gets his suits tailored from Wil Valor. Since then Lewis dreamed of having a suit from Wil Valor. I contacted Mark ahead of Lewis’ formal to get a jacket made. but we got so much more!! This suit was the making of my beautiful boy. Mark may never quite understand the huge difference he made with one suit."

What Does Wil Valor Represent?

We are often asked who is Wil Valor or what does Wil Valor mean?

To firstly answer the second question, Valor represents the courage and fortitude it takes to be remarkable.

Wil represents the will of the person to achieve, succeed and be the best person they can be.

Once you put on a Wil Valor suit, this is who you become, the best version of yourself.

So, who is Wil Valor?

Potentially You...Wil Valor is the most aspirational version of you. The one who wins at every level.

Wil Valor

The Wil Valor Experience

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Wil Valor support

Wil Valor are here to support you 

Wil Valor is here to support, create and assist you in making the most of your moments.  

To support business people and entrepreneurs to look and feel their best, creating a positive impact and subtly affecting outcomes of their most important meetings.  

To support the groom or bride on one of the most important days of their lives by ensuring they look and feel great, complement each other and create amazing photos.

To support the time poor to look stylish and feel incredible by going to them and taking care of all their wardrobe needs. 

To support charities in raising the funds needed to make a difference.  

To create opportunities for the stylish to be unique with our extensive fabric and style ranges. 

To create moments of opportunity, to be noticed and have presence.  

To create confidence for those seeking a change of direction or reinventing themselves. 

How It Works


Book a complimentary consultation to review the fabric range, discuss style options and create a rapport with your experienced clothier.


We confirm fabrics and your preferred suit or tailored shirt styles. Measurements are taken and a deposit is paid.


Your first fitting is booked to try on your suit skeleton baste/fitting mold or custom shirts.


Adjustments and modifications are made to ensure the cut is perfect.


Your final fitting is organised, where a detailed review is conducted of your custom clothing and final adjustments are considered. Balance is paid after you are 100% satisfied.


A brief on our founders, Mark & Emma Ferguson

While Mark is the driving force behind the brand, quite simply Wil Valor doesn't exist without the hard work, guidance and patience of Emma. Theorised in September 2004 and started in March 2005, it was just an idea which grew into a passion and developed into a successful label.

We are proud to have delivered over 35,000 garments to our discerning clientele and will continue to develop high quality products and services which we feel our clientele deserve and ultimately, enjoy.

Mark has often commented that one of most enjoyable aspects of Wil Valor is the people and characters he meets. From the charming larrikin, to the distinguished gent, to the successful businesswoman, Wil Valor is for everyone who wishes to look great, feel great and present the best version of themselves.

For a more detailed understanding of Mark and his work please click through to the portfolio. 

After creating the Wil Valor brand, Mark and Emma later realised the surname of Ferguson means Man of Valor. They gather it was just meant to be.

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