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Grey Suits Brisbane

Grey Suits Brisbane

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Grey Suits

If you are looking for a new everyday suit or if the dress code is a grey area, the flexibility of a grey suit will serve you well. It will take you straight from the formalities of the boardroom to more casual occasions. The grey men's suit is understated and classy, a perfect staple to add to or begin your suiting collection.

Grey Suits

There are infinite ways to wear a classic grey suit. With a white shirt, a grey suit can bring a traditional all-business voice. For a more dramatic touch of style, pair it with a black shirt, or strike a safe balance with a complementary blue. The flexibility of a grey suit allows your accessories to shine and gives you the perfect outfit for styling your more colourful ties and pocket squares.

A grey suit can say many things particularly depending on colour and texture. To illustrate, a thick, grey, wool, flannel would make a very practical and versatile overcoat, a charcoal worsted wool will create a sharp corporate look, and a lighter grey is suited to ultimate versatility. What they all have in common is the calm, distinguished tone they emanate, grey being synonymous with peace, reliability and durability. Wil Valor Men's Suits Brisbane can help you create a grey suit that is perfectly tailored to you, making you look and feel amazing.

The number of options available for grey suit fabrics can sometimes be quite overwhelming. To lend a hand, here are some recommendations. For light grey, versatile, worsted wool, Loro Piana’s N707067 is a great material. For a more dramatic wash of grey, a charcoal such as Zegna’s 47126 100% superfine Australian wool will do the trick. And for a classic grey overcoat with a little point of difference, you could go for a flannel with a subtle pattern or grain through it such as cloth 16/06 by Piacenza made from 92% virgin wool, and 8% cashmere.

Grey Suit FAQ's


Is a light grey suit professional?

Professionalism is a matter of attitude, but a light grey suit is certainly appropriate for many business occasions and not so much for black or white tie events. It projects confidence and its versatility means it can be worn with a range of colours, making it a wardrobe essential for corporate and daywear.

Can you wear a grey suit at night?

While traditionally considered more of a daytime colour, a grey suit can be a stylish choice for evening events as well. The key is to choose a darker shade of grey and pair it with the appropriate accessories. A tailored grey suit can project sophistication no matter what time of day or night when styled accordingly.

What shoes go best with a grey suit?

Choosing the right shoes to complement a grey suit can be a challenge. To achieve a classic look, opt for black leather oxfords or loafers. For a more modern feel, consider brown or burgundy leather dress shoes. Ultimately, the key is to choose shoes that match the tone of the suit and enhance its overall aesthetic. 

How do you style a grey suit casual?

Styling a grey suit for a more casual look can be achieved by pairing it with a lighter-coloured shirt or knitwear and opting for more relaxed footwear such as loafers or even clean white sneakers. Rolling up the sleeves and leaving the top button open can also give it a laid-back feel, perfect for summer events or casual Fridays.

What pants can you wear with a grey suit jacket?

Pairing a grey suit jacket with the right pants is essential for creating a polished look. For a traditional style, choose a pair of matching grey trousers or black pants. For a more fashion-forward look, consider pairing it with slim-fitting navy or dark green trousers.

What shirt goes with a grey suit?

The right shirt can make or break a grey suit ensemble. For a classic look, choose a white or light blue dress shirt. For a modern twist, opt for a patterned or textured shirt in shades of pink or lavender. Whatever style you choose, ensure that the shirt complements the tone and fit of the suit, for a polished and sophisticated look.

What is the psychology of wearing a suit?

Wearing a suit can have a profound psychological impact on the wearer, boosting confidence, enhancing self-esteem, and projecting authority and professionalism. A well-tailored suit can signal to others that you are competent and serious, and can help to create a positive first impression. Ultimately, a suit can help to give you a sense of purpose and pride, helping you to achieve your goals with confidence.

What watches go with a grey suit?

Pairing the right watch with a grey suit can add the perfect finishing touch to any outfit. For a classic look, choose a leather strap watch with a simple face and silver or gold hardware. For a more modern feel, opt for a sleek black or silver metal band with a minimalist face. Ultimately, the watch should complement the overall aesthetic of the suit, without detracting from its sophistication.

Does a grey suit jacket go with jeans?

Pairing a grey suit jacket with jeans can be a stylish and modern way to dress up a casual outfit. Choose a dark-wash denim with minimal distressing and a slim fit to complement the tailored fit of the jacket. The result is a polished look that's perfect for a night out or casual Friday.

Does a grey suit look good on anyone?

Grey is a versatile colour that can complement a wide range of skin tones and styles. Whether it's a light or dark shade, grey can provide a sophisticated and timeless look. The key is to choose the right tone and shade of grey to complement your complexion and personal style. At Wil Valor, our expert clothiers will easily guide you through this and make recommendations for you personally.

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