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Wedding Suit Tips

Wedding Suit Tips

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With garments created for over 4000 weddings, Wil Valor is known for the highest quality wedding suits for men. Wil Valor understands how important your wedding suit or tailored garments are to you, your partner, and the moments captured. This is why we would like you to look and feel your best on your wedding day, whether the dress code is black tie or beach casual.

A tailored suit for your special day should be made of quality fabrics, and we have thousands to help you choose from. Ensure you get in contact with us when you pick your wedding date, and we can have an initial consultation.

To get you ready for your big day, we ask questions to gather a deeper understanding of each element of your wedding. We'll discuss theme, venue, floral arrangement, your partner's outfit and wedding party colours and more.

Explore our wedding guide articles and receive all the latest wedding inspiration and quality suits advice. 

Attention to detail is our top priority. Below are some tips that are highly recommended when considering your wedding suit.

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How It Works


Book a complimentary consultation to review the fabric range, discuss style options and create a rapport with your experienced clothier.


We confirm fabrics and your preferred suit or tailored shirt styles. Measurements are taken and a deposit is paid.


Your first fitting is booked to try on your suit skeleton baste/fitting mold or custom shirts.


Adjustments and modifications are made to ensure the cut is perfect.


Your final fitting is organised, where a detailed review is conducted of your custom clothing and final adjustments are considered. Balance is paid after you are 100% satisfied.

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Wedding Suit FAQ's


Is it OK to wear a suit to a wedding without a tie?

Wearing a suit without a tie can be appropriate for less formal weddings or if the dress code is smart casual. To maintain a polished appearance, ensure your suit and shirt are well-fitted, and consider adding a pocket square or other accessories for added style.

Is it OK to wear a business suit for my wedding?

Yes, it's generally acceptable to wear a business suit to a wedding, provided it aligns with the event's dress code. Ensure the suit is well-fitted, in good condition, and paired with appropriate accessories. Opt for a classic colour like navy, charcoal, or grey to look polished.

How many months before your wedding should you buy a suit?

Ideally, start shopping for your wedding suit 4-6 months before the big day. This allows ample time for finding the perfect style, customisations, and multiple fittings. For bespoke suits, a minimum of 3 months is recommended to ensure a flawless fit.

Can my fiancé see my suit before wedding?

While some couples prefer keeping their wedding attire a surprise, there's no strict rule against your fiancé seeing your suit beforehand. Discuss your preferences together and decide whether you want to reveal your outfits before the big day or maintain the element of surprise.

Who should go suit shopping with groom?

The groom may invite close friends or family members to join him for suit shopping. Common choices include the best man, groomsmen, father or father-in-law, and even the bride. Ultimately, choose supportive individuals who understand your style and preferences.

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