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Pocket Handkerchiefs and Ties Brisbane

Pocket Handkerchiefs and Ties Brisbane

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Pocket Handkerchiefs and Ties

Our Italian Pocket Handkerchiefs are hand crafted in Como, Italy using traditional Como silk merchants.

The variety of colours and patterns is vast and always evolving. From unique stylish animal prints to classic pattern combinations. These pocket handkerchiefs allow for decorative versatility amongst your outfits. We encourage investing in a few colour centric pieces to allow this type of versatility throughout your wardrobe. Our pocket handkerchiefs are hand rolled with hand stitched edges so are visually appealing and complement any tailored sport jacket or suit.

Our Japanese Pocket handkerchiefs use a traditional crafting technique which was developed throughout the last 1300 years. This unique process enables the silks’ texture to be the focus. Often mistaken for a flower, the silk pocket's elegance and lightness is an effect not often seen but highly valued, a great conversation starter and in every sense of the word, Art. They are easy to wear as they don’t need to be folded so every man can easily wear them.

We have 2 tie suppliers, one is hand crafted in Como, Italy. Traditionally known for craftsmanship, experience has been handed down from generation to generation to allow these artisans to achieve excellence. With a myriad of colours, patterns and aesthetics we have ties for the unique, funky and sartorially elegant gentleman.

The other, Cerruti 1881 ties are made by hand, in France, by a team of expert tie makers with decades of experience. These ties use silks woven by small specialised weavers in France, Italy and Switzerland. The seasonal collections usually include jacquard silks, where the design is in the weave itself, and printed silks. These designs are unique; only the silks quantity required for indent orders is produced which means the seasonal designs cannot be repeated and are exclusive to Cerruti 1881 authorised dealers. The 1881 collection is favoured by men who appreciate style and elegance, but also the finer details like fabric quality and finishing.

Our bow ties are mostly Italian silk and self-tied. We also offer a pre-tied bow tie if you wish. We hold a vast colour range from black to soft pinks. With the majority of our bow ties used for formal balls and weddings, we can custom design bow ties to the majority of colours.

If you wish to learn how to tie a bow tie please click here and experience the Wil Valor Academy. Otherwise, we are happy to show you in person in our showroom.

Pocket Hanks and Tie FAQ's


What is a pocket handkerchief called?

In the sartorial world of menswear, the pocket handkerchief is a subtle yet essential accessory. Often referred to as a "pocket square," this small piece of fabric can elevate any outfit with its simple yet sophisticated touch.

How do you wear a pocket handkerchief?

The art of wearing a pocket handkerchief requires a delicate balance of precision and effortlessness. Start by selecting a fabric that complements your suit, and then choose a folding style that suits your personality. From the classic "presidential fold" to the playful "puff," there are many ways to style a pocket square. Remember to keep it subtle and don't overthink it – a well-placed pocket handkerchief is the epitome of understated elegance.

Should I wear a pocket handkerchief?

As a symbol of refined taste and attention to detail, a pocket handkerchief is a classic accessory that can elevate any suit from good to great. Whether you're attending a formal event or simply looking to add a touch of sophistication to your everyday style, a well-chosen pocket handkerchief can be the perfect finishing touch.

What is the etiquette of handkerchiefs?

The etiquette of wearing a handkerchief is rooted in tradition and attention to detail. A pocket square should complement the colours of your suit, tie, and shirt, and be folded in a way that reflects your personality and the occasion. Remember to keep it subtle, avoid loud patterns, and always ensure that it's clean and neatly pressed. When used with care and attention, a pocket handkerchief is a mark of distinction and style.

What is the most modern way to tie a tie?

In the modern age of fashion, the art of tying a tie has evolved to reflect a more casual and individualistic approach. The most popular methods include the "four-in-hand knot," "half-Windsor," and "Pratt knot," each offering a different level of symmetry and formality. Ultimately, the most modern way to tie a tie is to experiment and find a style that fits your personality and the occasion.

Are ties still in style?

Despite the ever-changing nature of fashion, the tie remains a staple accessory in men's wardrobes. While they are less common practice in the workplace nowadays, there are countless options to suit any style and occasion and you will always need one sooner or later. They are also a great point of difference and give you the opportunity to show off a little bit of extra personality.

Should I wear a tie or not?

Whether or not to wear a tie depends on the occasion and personal style. Ties are a great way to add sophistication and formality to an outfit but can also be omitted for a more casual look. Consider the dress code of the event and the overall style you want to convey and let that guide your decision.

What are the rules for ties?

When it comes to wearing ties, there are a few basic rules to keep in mind. First, the width of your tie should match the width of your lapels. Second, ensure that the colour and pattern complement your shirt and suit. Third, the length of the tie should reach your belt buckle, and the knot should be centred and proportionate. Lastly, remember that ties are an accessory meant to enhance your outfit, so keep it simple and don't overdo it.

Is it okay to leave ties tied?

While it may seem convenient to leave a tie tied, doing so can damage the fabric and distort the shape of the knot. Instead, always untie your tie after wearing it and hang it on a tie rack or hanger to avoid wrinkles and creases. Taking proper care of your tie will not only prolong its lifespan but also ensure that it looks sharp and polished every time you wear it.

Should a tie go to your waist?

The length of a tie should reach your belt buckle or waistband, allowing for a balanced and proportionate look. Wearing a tie that is too long or too short can throw off the overall balance of your outfit. To achieve the perfect length, adjust the knot and tie it at the appropriate height. 

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