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Bomber Jackets

Bomber Jackets

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Custom Bomber Jackets

The bomber jacket from Wil Valor, an audacious reinvention of a classic. An ode to the past and an invitation to the future, these jackets arrive with a boldness that is at once startling and reassuring.

silk patterns

Wil Valor's Bomber Jackets are meticulously crafted, with each jacket a beautiful combination of cotton, and silk. Their tactile quality is a call to the fingers; their visual appeal is a feast for the eyes. The cotton Bemberg lining whispers against the skin. The stitches, the seams, the zippers; each a testament to a master craftsman's relationship with his tool.

The bombers don't merely sit on the rack; they pose. Their colours aren't simply hues; they are declarations. The cut, the fit, and the drape; echo a wearer's confidence and charm. Every element, each detail, is a deliberate act of design and a bold statement of style. These jackets are conversation starters, they are an exploration of self, a testament to individuality.

To don a Wil Valor bomber is to step into a narrative of your own making, one that defies the mundane and celebrates the unique. To wear one is to become a part of the story it tells. Embrace the audacity, the distinctiveness, the sophistication. Embrace Wil Valor.

Bomber Jacket FAQ'S


How much does a Wil Valor Bomber Jacket cost?

Wil Valor Bespoke Bomber Jackets start at $1000. The price depends on the material chosen.

What is the material of the bomber jackets?

Each bomber jacket from Wil Valor is a beautiful combination of cotton, and silk.

How long does it take to receive my custom bomber jacket?

The process to receive the final product from the first fitting is 4 – 6 weeks, however we can provide shorter timeframes upon request as an added express option.

What aspects of the bomber jackets can I customise?

You customise many aspects of their bomber jacket, including the outer fabric, lining, buttons, pockets, and even the embroidery. Book a consultation to discuss your dream jacket today!

Are the bomber jackets all made-to-measure?

Yes. Wil Valor creates custom bomber jackets that are made to measure for each individual customer. This ensures a perfect fit and a comfortable, stylish look.

Do you have any off-the-rack bomber jackets?

Not yet, however we are currently designing a collection of off-the-rack bomber jackets and they will be coming soon to buy online and in the Wil Valor showroom. 

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