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Black Dinner Suits and Tuxedos Brisbane

Black Dinner Suits and Tuxedos Brisbane

A tuxedo, dinner suit and a black-tie suit are the same garment, just different terminology. Tuxedo is American, the Dinner Suit – British, and Black-Tie is universal.

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Black Dinner Suits and Tuxedos

A black dinner suit is one of, if not the most, classic, formal suits in recent history

The style was first designed and commissioned in 1865 by the Prince of Wales (then, future King Edward VII) to be worn to informal dinner parties at his estateThe prince recommended the custom design to one of his guests, James Brown Potter, who then wore his tailor-made dinner suit to the Autumn ball in Tuxedo Park, New York where it was popularised and subsequently donned the tuxedo. The style of men’s suit drew attention quickly and was being copied and created all across the United States and, shortly after, the world. 

Now, dinner suits or tuxedos are a staple suit worn to a myriad of formal or black-tie events. From balls, to awards evenings, the opera and even your wedding day, most ceremonial or official events held after 6pm require men to wear a tuxedo. If you are building the ultimate, versatile, essential suiting wardrobe, a black dinner suit is a vital member of the collection. 

Whether a peak label or shawl style collar is what you are after, one of our expert consultants are able to guide you through the process and create a tuxedo which makes you look and feel great. Your bespoke, black, dinner suit will ensure you are ready to step into your next black-tie event with the knowledge and confidence that you are perfectly dressed for the occasion.

For a luxuriously thick, soft and durable satin lapel, there is no material we recommend more than our Revers dinner suit satin collection. For the primary suit fabric, there is much flexibility between the types of material that can be used due to our extensive range; however, a few of our favourites include Loro Piana’s super 170’s wool N713067 and Zegna’s 53145.

For something with a little bit more depth, a fabric such as Dormeuil’s 307300 is a fantastic option thanks to its subtle and elegant lustre. If you are looking for a black dinner suit in Brisbane, book an appointment with one of our talented clothiers today. Wil Valor Men's Suits Brisbane can help you create a black suit that is perfectly tailored to you, making you look and feel amazing.  

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