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Womens Wedding Suits Brisbane

Womens Wedding Suits Brisbane

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Womens Wedding Suits

When choosing an outfit for your wedding day, nothing is more important than ensuring you feel like the best version of yourself. If a gown is not the look for you, an expertly tailored, fully custom-made suit can fill its shoes with ease.

Bridal and wedding attire should be the truest reflection of your personality and inner sense of style, and the limitless nature of a bespoke suit guarantees that you will look and feel your best. 

Women’s wedding suits are made easy with one on one, expert style advice. From your complexion and eye colour, to what your partner and wedding party are wearing and even the expected climate around your wedding, everything can be accounted for while still prioritising your style and personality in the style and design of your suit.

Off-the-rack suiting restricts your options and forces you to choose between one desire and another, especially with women’s bridal suits. A custom-made women’s wedding suit means not having to choose between two things that are not quite right and, instead, create one beautiful suit that is perfect for you. 

From a softly draping, white, wide-leg pant and longline jacket to an emerald green or burgundy tapered trouser and fitted blazer, there is no wrong way to do bridal and wedding. With endless options of colours, textures and finishes, your wedding suit is for you, by you, made easy with the trained hand of your personal consultant. It is an outfit to maximise your confidence and make sure you have a look of both timeless and effortless style to look back on for years to come. 

Plain whites are always a classic and elegant option but for a touch of difference, maybe a subtle champagne-like shimmer such as the one by... or a lovely textured option is our white jacquard fabric 156. Some popular choices for coloured suits are green and burgundy. Our suggestions for a green are the forest or emerald range such as Scabal’s 501612 and for a soft, warm burgundy, 501619. 

Women's Wedding Suit FAQ's


Can the bride wear a suit instead of a dress?

The traditional bridal gown may not be the right choice for every bride. A well-tailored suit can be a bold and sophisticated alternative that exudes confidence and style. A suit can be a stylish and empowering choice for a modern bride. With the right tailoring, a suit can flatter a woman's body and make her feel confident and comfortable on her special day. As a great female wedding suit in Brisbane might be difficult to come by, it is important to consider getting your suit custom made to ensure you look and feel your absolute best (no compromise needed).

What makes a wedding suit different?

A wedding suit is different from any other suit because it's made to complement your partner’s wedding gown or suit and the overall theme of the wedding. It's also an opportunity to showcase individual style and personality and communicate to your guests through fashion. As we all know, a female wedding suit is rarer than a bridal gown; however, as they are growing in popularity, you can rest assured that your choice will be well-received, and your vision can be properly honoured with a well-tailored women’s suit in Brisbane. 

How do you hang a women's suit?

Properly hanging a women's suit is essential to maintain its shape and appearance. Hang the jacket on a sturdy hanger with rounded edges to prevent shoulder bumps and hang the pants by the waistband or fold over a regular hanger so that the crease is in the centre of the front and back of each leg and one leg is flat on top of the other. 

What is proper suit wearing etiquette?

Proper suit wearing etiquette involves several key factors, such as ensuring a proper fit, choosing the right accessories, and paying attention to styling details. Always button the top button of a single-breasted suit, match your belt to your shoes, and make sure your tie reaches your belt or waistband if you choose to add one. 

Do you need to button a suit for a wedding?

When wearing a suit to a wedding, it's essential to button the top button of a single-breasted suit. This not only creates a polished and refined look but also shows respect for the occasion. It can be unbuttoned when seated, and possibly during the reception, but definitely while dancing and enjoying the party after the formalities!

How do you look classy in a suit?

Looking classy comes naturally with wearing a wedding suit. There are a few things a woman can do to look more elegant if they choose to. One of the most significant factors is hair, others are the choice of shirt underneath, the shoe choice, jewellery styling and makeup look. To get the perfect female wedding suit in Brisbane for you or for more specific advice and guidance, please get in touch or come in-store to speak to one of our expert clothiers.

What shoes can a woman wear with her wedding suit?

A woman's wedding suit can be paired with a variety of shoe options depending on personal style and the wedding theme. Classic options include stilettos, block heels or loafers, while more modern choices include ankle boots, platforms, laced dress shoes or even sneakers for a playful touch. 

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