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Wedding Suits for Women

By Mark Ferguson

When planning for your big day brides are looking beyond wedding gowns.

Diversity is everywhere and in everything that we do so why should weddings be any different There is an increasing number of women who are choosing to get married in a tailored made suit.

Wedding dresses are still extremely popular however tailor-made suits are making their mark, being worn for the ceremony or as an outfit change for the reception, either way day or night, wedding suits make a statement!

Wedding suits offer versatility and flexibility as the elegance of a tailored suit allows the bride to create a standout look.

With so many beautiful fabrics and styles to choose from there are endless silhouette options available. Add elements of texture and colour to create a unique look that will leave a lasting impression.

Tailoring the suit to your body shape is all about finding the right fabrics, design and cut. Celebrate your individual character with the perfect fit of a tailor-made suit.

Styles of Suits for your Wedding

For a formal wedding, a beautifully tailored tuxedo style suit in either black, white, midnight blue or sequence will be perfect. Wear it with a silk blouse, lace camisole or bustier and accessorize with silver or gold to add a bit of glamour.

A semi-formal occasion calls for lounge style suit may feature a soft tie on the jacket instead of buttons to give a slightly less formal look bring tradition to your suit with a veil or hat.

For a more casual setting such as a garden wedding a relaxed tailor-made style in pastels or soft white linens are an ideal option. Consider teaming it with a silk or lace camisole under the suit instead of a blouse.

Whatever the setting, a tailor-made wedding suit is sure to make a lasting impression.

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