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The Slow Fashion Movement

27th March 2023

Slow fashion is in Wil Valor's DNA. Bespoke suiting, by nature, is a process of creating stylish, well-fitting, quality garments to stand the test of time. A suit or sports jacket's purpose is to be a timeless, comfortable, and versatile piece that should be well-considered and add something new to a wardrobe. 

Fast fashion is clothing designed for the masses. At Wil Valor, your clothes are exclusive to you. With the digitisation of the fashion industry, trend and style cycles are changing more rapidly than ever before and subsequently, clothing waste is at an all-time high. The power of a custom outfit is that you buy it once and wear it forever. 

That sentiment is especially true for Wil Valor, as we offer alterations and mending to ensure the extended life of your pieces. Fixing and taking proper care of your high-quality clothes allows them to remain wearable for a long-time. Better-loved pieces reduce fashion waste and create more sustainable and conscious wardrobes. At Wil Valor, our suiting process includes a drafted version of your suit or jacket called a fitting mould. Made from a durable wool and polyester blend, it provides a clear visual of your outfit and the opportunity to perfect the fit before your chosen fabric gets cut. 

Rather than discarding these moulds when they have finished serving this purpose, we have teamed up with Brisbane TAFE to give them a second meaningful life - donated to fashion students as a practical tool to aid their learning and understanding of garment construction. 

With fast fashion taking over the industry, it has become the world's second-worst industry for pollution. It produces around 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, is responsible for almost 20% of wastewater, and 85% of textiles end up discarded. Studies have even provided insight suggesting that most clothing is only worn between seven and ten times before being thrown out. 

The best way to combat the effects of fast fashion is to invest in slow fashion - the gradual and well-considered approach to building a timeless, stylish and versatile wardrobe. At Wil Valor, we make each of your garments exclusively for you and your needs; therefore, it will last you a long time and reflect your true style personality (as opposed to falling into the fast fashion trend cycles). Support a slower, more environmentally and wardrobe-conscious approach to clothing with custom-made at Wil Valor. 

The terrifying effects of fast fashion are far beyond the expected. The fashion industry has, unfortunately, earned its place as the second-worst polluter globally. But how can we get out of this dangerous cycle? The answer is the slow fashion movement. At Wil Valor, we focus on providing high-quality, timeless pieces that will reflect your personal style and be a valuable addition to your wardrobe for years to come. With: custom suits, sports jackets, button-downs, polos, jeans, chinos, shoes and bags, you can build a closet of meaningful, well-considered clothes. We suggest buying clothes consciously and intending to wear them for a long time. Taking proper care of items and getting them mended rather than discarding them is the best slow-fashion practice.

Be a slow fashion supporter, and join us in creating timeless wardrobes.

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