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The Modern Groom

By Mark Ferguson

We have been making wedding suits since 2005 and the groom’s knowledge of what to wear and how to wear it has dramatically increased. With the help of Apps like Instagram and Pinterest they now show us exactly what they would love to wear. Our role is about guiding and ensuring they choose a fabric that is best for the wedding. With over 3000 suiting fabrics and access to the world’s best mills including Dormeuil, Scabal, Zegna, Lora Piana plus many others we can provide our grooms and Ladies with classic colours and unique patterns.

Grooms generally understand the make and fit, we just guide and describe in detail what construction best suits them, the theme of the wedding and what is best for versatility after the wedding.

We love working with the modern groom, but it is always helpful to have the fiancé along so we can ask more detailed questions and especially understand the colour and style of the wedding dress.

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