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The long life of a well made suit

12th April 2023

A well-made suit can last a lifetime. From the highest-quality fabrics to a timeless design and flawless fit, the many components of great fashion make all the difference for longevity. The beauty of great clothing is that it is versatile, comfortable, and stylish beyond seasons. Wil Valor constantly supports the slow fashion movement, and as one of the few Brisbane-based tailors in customer suit-making, we design for the long run. 

The highest grade of wool and the best quality fabrics make for a visually stunning suit, but it also adds to the durability. A well-woven material is softer and longer living than its lower-quality counterparts. While fabric will naturally begin to wear over time, the beauty of suits and sports jackets is that there are linings and material options to extend their wearability. 

Another great thing about these products is that they can change with you over time through alterations. As you age and your body adjusts, your clothes will begin to fit differently. But, with proper tailoring, this does not have to be the end for your closet. Your suits and sports jackets can fit just as well as they once did. At Wil Valor, we not only create garments, but we also encourage and offer these services for your clothes. 

A custom suit is not only specific to your measurements. It also caters to your personal style and practical needs. The colour, pattern, lapel shape, jacket design and more are all considered to achieve a versatile and highly wearable suit for you. As a corporate, formal, semi-formal, race-day or everyday outfit, it can fit all of the categories you will get the most use out of in a way that will provide timeless style. 

These three crucial components of a well-made suit allow it to live a long life. When treated with love and given proper care, your bespoke suit will reward you with its longevity and everlasting style. 

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