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Suits for Every Budget

24th April 2023

As the fashion world turns to the dawn of a new year, the menswear landscape is replete with sartorial offerings that cater to the diverse needs of men from all walks of life. From the luxury suits that exude opulence to more affordable bespoke options, the beauty of custom-made at Wil Valor is that there is something for everyone.

For the discerning gentleman who desires nothing but the best, the top-tier fabric brands have rolled out their premium offerings that result in ultimate sophistication. These fabrics go into crafting the finest suits which we meticulously tailored and designed to embody your personal elegance and style. Upwards of $4200, suits of this category will meet your every need and exceed every expectation. From the plush textures of cashmere and velvet to the crisp lines of pure merino wool, these higher-end suits are the epitome of opulence.

For the fashion-forward gentleman who desires a blend of style and affordability, the mid-range fabric options are the perfect fit. Suits from such material combine contemporary designs with expert tailoring to produce pieces that are both stylish and functional. From slim-fit cuts to double-breasted styles, these suits from $2900 cater to the modern man who seeks versatility in his wardrobe.

For the budget-conscious gentleman who desires to look his best without breaking the bank, Wil Valor has a great range of affordable suiting options from $1700. These suits are crafted from quality materials and designed with practicality in mind.

The focus here is on producing functional pieces that do not compromise on style.  From the classic navy-blue suit or charcoal to more eye-catching checks, these suits are perfect for the man who seeks to make a statement without overextending his finances.

Regardless of your budget, one thing is certain: Wil Valor has got you covered. With a vast array of styles, cuts, and materials to choose from, there is something for everyone. Whether you prefer the most delectable of fabrics, the functional, soft and stylish mid-range, or a simple yet high-quality suit, you are sure to find your version of tailor-made perfection.

As the fashion world rapidly evolves and the suiting industry finds its place as a timeless and well-respected art, Wil Valor is replete with offerings that cater to the diverse needs of men from all walks of life. So, whatever your budget, there has never been a better time to invest in a suit that will elevate your style and leave you feeling confident and empowered. Nothing beats the feeling of bespoke.

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