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Suit Choices for a Vintage Wedding

9th December 2022

Fashion always looks back to bygone eras for inspiration. Wedding concepts have evolved taking various themes to bring fun and excitement to their special day.

While brides are perfectly dressed, looking gorgeous down the aisle. The groom and his men also deserve to be dressed to suit the occasion.

A groom's attire must match the formality of the bride's gown, which will help distinguish formal from informal or casual suits. There’s a large range of vintage suits to choose from which is overwhelming, not yet considering, the differences in each era’s clothing style. So, a quick tip for today’s vintage groom.. think of “timeless” rather than unusual, and you’ll stay true to the context of “vintage weddings”.

Morning suits with peaked lapel worn over waistcoat and formal stripe trousers was a choice for daytime formal wear with the gentlemen in early 1930s. A tuxedo is also a popular choice for the era. Tail coat, top hat, bow tie, vest, tuxedo shirt, suspenders, hanky, opera scarf, shirt studs, cufflinks and patent leather shoes created elegance in men’s wardrobe, between 1920 to 1930’s and became a standard evening formal ensemble. For more casual wedding, tweed and sack suits also became common in this decade.

During the World War II, officers would normally were their uniform to their weddings. A dress uniform of an army officer is a creative vintage wedding inspiration from the 1940s. Double breasted suits in dark sturdy colors like navy, deep brown or black would be great options.

It would be great to coordinate the wedding having both the bride and groom’s parties wearing vintage. The groom's party should also be looked at much like the bride's, complementing vintage and modern elements in their suits, like a vintage silk tie worn with tailor made morning suits.

Choosing a wedding suit may be daunting but when professionally guided, the couple will be sure to achieve a perfect vintage wedding picture they will cherish and remember.

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