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Green Suits on St. Patricks Day

10th March 2021

Green is a great colour for dressing up or down, and it is also one of the most underrated colours in menswear.

With so many variations of the colour green from emerald green to olive green, medium green, forest green and of course racing green, there is sure to be one that suits just about any man. Whether you’re looking for a suit, shirt, pants, tie, shoes or polo green can be worn with a range of complementary colours.

Stand out from the rest of the crowd without being too obvious yet looking elegant and stylish. Break away from the tendency to always wear the classics of blue, grey, red and black. Green looks great in suits and jackets and it is well suited to fabrics like worsted wool, wool cashmere and cotton linen blends.

Green is idea for all seasons, the warmer tones for Autumn/Winter and cooler shades for Spring/Summer colour. Don’t be afraid to wear green pants back with a sports jacket or polo and a green shirt with denim or casual pants.

If you’re someone who is just starting out wearing green and wanting just a hint of colour, try wearing green socks as a contrast with brown shoes or a tie or pocket square with your suit to add a point of difference.

Accessories are another way of introducing green to your wardrobe, cufflinks or a tie clip are a nice touch to any suit.

What colours work well with green?

Green with Blue – this is one of the easiest combinations – try navy blue, mid-blue or light blue.

Green with Brown – this is another great combination. Try it with dark chocolate brown and with lighter brown. A green and brown stripe tie with a blue jacket works well. Brown is a warmer colour and ideal for Autumn and winter and is a perfect combination for casual outfits.

Green with Orange – This is a favourite combination and one that offers a vibrant, beautiful and sophisticated feel. Try wearing a pocket square or tie. No matter what colour green, orange will always work.

Green with Yellow – this is a very Australiana combination and one that works well with accessory items such as ties, pocket squares, socks or as a contrasting embroidery on a polo.

Green with Purple – these two colours harmonise very well and create a great range of contrast that is unique and sophisticated. If you want to create a signature style, then this is the combination to achieve that. It’s a particularly popular colour combination for professionals in the banking and legal sector.

Green with Red – this is an important colour combination and whist it may be a Christmas combination; it can be for any time of the year. Red is one of the most popular accessory colours and every man should have a red tie or pocket square in his wardrobe. Red is a great accent colour in jackets as an overcheck or a check in your pocket square.

Now that you have the inspiration to wear green, give it a try. Green is a very versatile colour and if you don’t know where to start Wil Valor can help you. Our extensive selection of fabrics in various shades of green can be used for tailor-made, custom made or bespoke suits, pants, shirts, vests or polos.

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