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New Accessories in the Showroom

1st April 2022
We have searched the globe for the finest artisans and while it is well known that we provide the highest quality Good-year welt shoes, Italian hand made ties and pocket hanks we would like to go into the finer details of a few of our other favourite accessories which are unique to Brisbane and Australia.

Italian Custom-Made Bags

We love using our monogrammed Weekenders, the perfect size for a few days away. Conveniently, our bags completely open up so you don’t have to dig around to find that elusive pair of socks. Everything is easily accessible. The in-built laundry section is another great feature. With soft durable leather, it still looks great even after a few years of enjoying those well-deserved weekends away. You will be travelling with ease and in style.

Our business bag range has recently expanded to accommodate those who need to carry a little more. With our customisable features, you can add pockets and dividers where you like. The totes are a great option for more casual occasions and are available in a wide range of colours.

Italian Hand Rolled Scarves

To complement our expanding women’s suiting range we have chosen some of the most unique and gorgeous Italian-made scarves. The ladies' scarves are full of colour with the most beautiful patterns. The current favourite is the leopard theme. We welcome you to view in-store, so please drop in to find your favourite.

Italian Made Beverage Accessories

If I need to open a beer, it might as well be with a Lion! These hand-crafted bottle openers are unique to Australia and are particularly nice to hold in the hand. With over 20 different designs from Hounds to Deer to Golf Balls, you will find one that feels right to you.

Our bottle stoppers are exquisite and a stylish option for those times when you only want one glass. The Gold Rose is our favourite and these are also available in a variety of high-quality options.

Opening a bottle of wine has never felt so enjoyable. Feeling amazing in the hand, these hand-crafted bottle openers become part of your bar art.

These options are perfect for the person who is difficult to buy a birthday or occasional gift for.

Until next time,
Wil Valor

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