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International Fabric Portfolio - Loro Piana

By Mark Ferguson

As a highlight in the European range of premium textile offerings at Wil Valor, we present Loro Piana as a pinnacle of Spanish fabric artistry. Primed in the eloquence and elegance of the luxury fashion industry, the brand is a success of six generations respecting excellence in every production. Seeking the rarest of raw materials around the globe, the final textile is an appreciation of the perfection that nature delivers. Their range of ‘Excellences’ are pinpointed in Cashmere, Baby Cashmere and Vicuña from the depths of continents afar, while closer to home in Australia and New Zealand, wool is formed in fleece as ‘The Gift of Kings’ with black Merino   ‘Pecora Nera’ a special rarity. The offering of Loro Piana at Wil Valor invites international standard, in fit, feel and fabrication; seeking to find the bespoke tailoring experience for each client who chooses prestige in their suiting.


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