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Is it better to hire or buy your wedding suit?

6th March 2023

When it comes to your wedding day, there are so many moving elements that sometimes it can be hard to know what to buy, hire or DIY. With everything from aisle decorations to table charts and methods of arrival needing coordination, tying the knot can be an overwhelming ordeal in the time leading up to it. When it comes to what you wear and choosing between hiring or buying a suit, we can make your choice easy.

 For many, their decision comes down to whether or not they will wear their suit again. While some might like to go all out and embrace bold fashion statements like glitter and bright colours, most grooms opt for timeless looks that are, conveniently, very versatile.

Hiring a suit means you will never be able to see it again, but buying your wedding suit means that you can make the most of the love and significance embedded in that outfit. Just like a pair of jeans or a button-down shirt, a good suit is an investment. They are a garment that is made to stay and should reflect your authentic style, thus, making it easy to find a reason to wear them again (even separately as business trousers or a blazer). Suits are timeless pieces that will always have a place in your closet.

The biggest drawback of a hire suit (apart from being unable to keep it) is the limitations to both size and design. While finding a wedding outfit in the right style might be tricky, searching for one that is also the perfect fit is nearly impossible. The complications with hire suits are the strict limitations on alterations. They are often thicker for durability and designed to fit the mass, leaving them with no element of personality or uniqueness.


Alternatively, buying a suit allows you to choose or change the shape and gives you the option to be picky. You have complete freedom of suit style, fabrics and fit. Instead of settling for the sake of hiring, there is no better time to be particular than for your wedding day - the day that you will likely be more photographed than any other day of your entire life. Hiring a suit means it was just something you threw on for the day, with no personalisation and no personality. Your wedding suit will always hold the sentiment of love and marriage. As long as you choose one that makes you feel comfortable and confident, it will be the right suit for you.

Lastly, buying a suit gives you the security of having your outfit ahead of time. Relying on a postal service to deliver it the day before your wedding and hoping it looks and fits like the photo can bring an abundance of undue wedding stress. To stay in control of the timeline and eliminate the inconvenience of finding time to ship your outfit back the next day, buy your wedding suit. Your suit is a representation of the love you are celebrating and should authentically reflect your personal style. If that's what you aim for, there is no question that you will get excellent wear out of your wedding outfit. Investing in your new favourite suit for your wedding day will ensure you get the look you want when you want it.

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