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How to Wear Odd Jackets

30th November 2020

A sports jacket, a blazer or any jacket worn without a matching trousers is defined as an odd jacket.

The idea behind the odd jacket is to look well-dressed but comfortable which has only been the idea since post-World War I. The odd jacket has become the centrepiece around which the city's leisure wardrobe is assembled. The difference between a Sport Jacket and a Blazer is very subtle and often the terms are interchangeable.

Traditionally the blazer was brightly striped hence the name. Now classically navy or grey it is understood to be more classic and ranks somewhere between a suit and a sports jacket for dressiness. Its formality can be influenced by simple changes in detail such as double-breasted over single-breasted, flap pockets over patch pockets, peaked lapels over notched and side vents over centre vents.
The blazer typically has gilt buttons (metal buttons) and for those who will wear the blazer with grey toned trousers or hold grey hair are recommended to go with a dull nickel or silver shade. The ideal number of buttons is more of a personal taste rather than tradition. For example, a single-breasted 2-button blazer with four sleeve buttons are the norm.

Alternatively, the sports jacket can be trendy, dressy or very casual depending on your choice of jacket and how you accessorise it. You could choose a bird's eye, plaid, striped or checked fabric to compliment the occasion or get a more versatile fabric like a solid navy. You can choose different coloured thread in the buttons and on button holes and we can assist in creating something unique and stylish for you.

The odd jacket can be worn to semi-formal occasions i.e. dinners, weddings and certain business meetings. If you would like to enquire about sports jackets, blazers or have any further questions about this subject or anything else please don't hesitate to ask.

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