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How to Wear a Bow Tie with Your Wedding Suit

8th February 2024

Your wedding day is a celebration of love, and every detail, including your choice of attire, contributes to the overall ambiance of the occasion. One accessory that can instantly elevate your wedding suit to new heights of sophistication is the bow tie. In this guide, we'll delve into the nuances of wearing a bow tie with your wedding suit, exploring style, cut, and fabric - and offering five specific outfit ideas to ensure you look your absolute best on your special day. 

Choosing the Perfect Bow Tie 

  • The Style: 

    Bow ties come in various styles, each with its unique charm. The classic butterfly shape exudes timeless elegance, making it a perfect choice for a traditional wedding. Meanwhile, a batwing bow tie adds a touch of vintage flair. Choose a style that resonates with your personality and complements the overall theme of your wedding.
  • The Fabric: 

    Pairing the right fabric for your bow tie with your suit is essential for a cohesive look. If you've chosen a luxurious wool or velvet suit for a formal affair, opt for a silk or satin bow tie. For a more casual or outdoor wedding, a cotton or linen bow tie can seamlessly complement lightweight suits. 
  • Colours and Patterns: 

    Coordinate the colours and patterns of your bow tie with the wedding colour palette and your suit. A solid-coloured bow tie can exude sophistication, while patterns like stripes or polka dots can add a playful touch. Ensure that the bow tie enhances your overall look without overpowering the ensemble. 

Choosing the Perfect Suit 

  • Tailored Perfection 

    The fit of your wedding suit is paramount. A bespoke wedding suit enhances your physique and provides comfort. Custom suits serve as the canvas for your bow tie, allowing it to take centre stage with grace. 
  • Fabric Elegance: 

    Consider the formality of your wedding and the season when selecting the fabric for your suit. Wool and velvet suits are ideal for formal affairs, while linen or cotton suits are perfect for spring or summer weddings. The fabric should complement the overall vibe and formality of the occasion. 

Styling and Accessorising 

  • Shirt Harmony 

    Choose a dress shirt that complements the suit and bow tie combination. A crisp white shirt is a timeless option for formal weddings, but you can experiment with light pastels or subtle patterns for a more relaxed feel. 
  • Pocket Square and Boutonniere 

    Elevate your look with carefully chosen pocket squares and boutonnieres. These accessories should complement your bow tie and suit without stealing the spotlight. Coordinating colours and patterns will tie the entire look together seamlessly. 
  • Cufflinks and Studs: 

    If your wedding shirt features French cuffs, select elegant cufflinks that complement the bow tie. Coordinating studs for your shirt placket can add a touch of sophistication, completing the polished look. 

Five Bow Tie Outfit Ideas 

  1.  Black-Tie Elegance: A classic black wool suit paired with a satin butterfly bow tie, crisp white dress shirt, and black patent leather shoes exudes timeless sophistication. 
  2. Rustic Outdoor Charm: Opt for a light grey linen suit paired with a cotton bow tie in a soft pastel shade. Complete the look with a floral boutonniere and brown leather shoes for a rustic yet refined vibe. 
  3. Modern City Chic: A woollen, navy suit with a patterned silk bow tie, a tailor-made white dress shirt, and sleek brown dress shoes and matching belt creates a modern and urban-inspired ensemble.  
  4. Vintage-Inspired Romance: Choose a velvet burgundy suit for a touch of vintage charm. Pair it with a batwing bow tie, a textured white shirt, and classic brown leather shoes for a romantic look. 
  5. Destination bliss: Embrace the relaxed atmosphere with a light beige linen suit, a polka-dot cotton bow tie, a casual linen shirt, and loafers for a beach-inspired wedding ensemble. 

Wearing a bow tie with your wedding suit is an art that allows you to showcase your personality and style on your special day. By carefully selecting the right style, cut, fabric, and coordinating accessories, you can achieve a look that not only complements your wedding theme but also leaves a lasting impression. Whether you opt for timeless elegance or a more modern approach, the bow tie is a versatile accessory that adds a touch of sophistication to any wedding ensemble, especially a custom-made suit. 


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