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How to Re-wear Your Wedding Outfit

2nd November 2023

Your wedding day attire holds a special place in your heart, symbolising one of the most important days of your life. However, there's no need for that cherished outfit to gather dust in your closet after the celebrations are over. Here's a guide on how to style your wedding attire for different scenarios. 

  1. Anniversary Celebrations 

    What better way to honour your journey as a couple than by re-wearing your wedding outfit for anniversary celebrations? Your suit or tuxedo can remind you and your partner of the commitment you made to each other. Consider going for a less formal tie or skipping a tie all together to make sure you don’t overdress. 

  2. Vow Renewal Ceremony 

    Renewing your vows is a meaningful occasion that deserves a special outfit. Your wedding attire can serve as a potent symbol of your enduring love and commitment. To make it feel different, consider altering wearing a different coloured shirt and accessories. 

  3. Date Nights  

    Surprise your partner by wearing your wedding outfit for a romantic date night. This unexpected gesture can rekindle the magic of your wedding day and remind you both of the excitement you felt when you first exchanged vows. Pair your suit with a more casual shirt or skip the tie for a relaxed yet sophisticated look. 

  4. Family Gatherings 

    If the event is slightly more formal, wear the complete ensemble as you did on your wedding day, maybe leaving out the more formal touches like a bow tie and boutonniere. For a more laid-back family gathering, you can dress down the look by wearing the suit jacket with jeans or opting for a more relaxed shirt with the trousers. 

  5. Charitable Galas or Events 

    Turn heads at charitable galas or events by giving your wedding outfit a red-carpet makeover. Experiment with different accessories like a patterned pocket hank, or a unique lapel pin. By adding distinctive elements to your ensemble, you can maintain the core elegance of your wedding attire while tailoring it to the occasion. 

  6. New Year's Eve Parties 

    For a contemporary twist, mix and match elements of your attire. Pair your suit pants with a modern blazer or wear your tuxedo jacket with dark jeans for a sophisticated yet relaxed look. This combination will help you stand out while embodying the spirit of the occasion. 
  7. Business or Professional Events  

    Re-purpose your wedding outfit for business or professional events, infusing a sense of confidence and elegance. Your well-tailored suit can make a lasting impression in the corporate world. Experiment with different shirts and ties to adapt the look to various events, and you'll exude professionalism with a touch of personal flair. 

Re-wearing your wedding outfit isn't just about recycling a piece of clothing; it's about celebrating the enduring love and commitment you and your partner share. It supports the slow fashion movement by making the most of your wardrobe and creating versatility for your outfits. By adapting your attire to different events and occasions, you can create new memories while honouring the beautiful journey you embarked upon on your wedding day. 


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