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How to Prepare to Buy a Wedding Suit

9th December 2022

It is great to have the couple at the appointment. The person who is getting suit doesn't normally know all the finer details about the wedding.

For example - the colour of the flowers, the colour of the bride dress, bridesmaids dress, the level of formality of the dresses, the colour palette of the decor. It is also important to know the dress standard expected on the invite, how formal your guests somewhat guide you to your level of formality for your wedding suit.

Spend some time online looking at wedding suits and check out the photos of couples at your wedding venue to get an idea of what works best for the aesthetic. From this create a Pinterest board and bring that in to show us. This makes it particularly easy for us to deliver a look that works for the venue, the dress and you.

Put some thought into if you want a 2 piece or a 3 piece suit, a sport jacket and chino look or a more formal wedding suit. People are generally looking for versatility in their wedding suit and this reason may guide you towards one style more than the other. We will be there to guide you as well. Book an appointment today.

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