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How To Make The Groom Stand Out

9th December 2022

A lot of fuss goes into choosing the bride's dress – so grooms too should take the time to choose their wedding suit. In fact if your bride wears a beautiful custom made gown, choosing a hire suit or off the rack has the potential to cheapen her dress and your wedding photos.

The groom should feel 110% when he suits up for the big day. People always say weddings are about the bride – but it is a little bit about the groom too. Making the groom stand out on the day is a lot to do with the right colour choice. The colour must compliment the groom's eyes, hair and complexion as well as work with his body shape. Having the Groom in a rich bold coloured suit and then his groomsmen in a slightly lighter shade is a popular trend amongst weddings. Even having the groomsmen in suits and the groom with a vest is guaranteed to differentiate and add a bit of elegance to the groom.

It is guaranteed that the groom will be sweating on his big day so choosing light weight, breathable fabrics are always a good choice. Fabrics, pattern and texture are some minimal details which can make a bold impact on the day.

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