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How to Accessorise Your Wedding Suit

11th September 2023

Your wedding day is a momentous occasion where every detail counts, and one of the most crucial elements is your suit. While finding the perfect suit is essential, accessorising it can elevate your overall look and add a touch of personal style. In this article, we'll explore various ways to accessorise your wedding suit and make a lasting impression on your special day.

The Classic Tie or Bow Tie

The tie or bow tie is a timeless accessory that adds elegance and sophistication to any suit. When choosing a tie, consider the colour scheme of your wedding and select a shade that complements it. Classic black, navy, or silver ties are safe choices that exude refinement. If you're feeling more adventurous, you can opt for a patterned tie or experiment with different textures to add depth to your ensemble. Bow ties, on the other hand, lend a touch of charm and can be a great way to showcase your personality.

Pocket Square

A pocket square is a small but impactful accessory that can instantly enhance your suit. It adds a pop of colour and sophistication to your chest pocket, completing your look. When selecting a pocket square, consider the colour palette of your suit and tie. You can match or coordinate the pocket square with your tie or choose a complementary shade. Play with different folding techniques, such as the puff or the presidential fold, to achieve the desired effect.


Cufflinks are an excellent way to showcase your personal style and attention to detail. They add a polished and refined touch to your suit, especially when paired with a French cuff shirt. From classic silver or gold to quirky and personalized designs, cufflinks offer a wide range of options. Choose a pair that reflects your personality and complements the overall colour scheme of your outfit.

Lapel Pins

Lapel pins have gained popularity in recent years and are a fantastic way to personalise your wedding suit. They come in various designs, including flowers, symbols, or initialled. A lapel pin can be a subtle nod to your heritage or a meaningful memento. Remember to choose a pin that is proportionate to the width of your lapel to ensure a balanced and harmonious appearance.


Traditionally worn by the groom and groomsmen, a boutonniere is a small floral accessory that adds a touch of nature and charm to your suit. Coordinate the flowers in the boutonniere with your wedding's floral arrangements or choose a single statement bloom. Ensure that the boutonniere is securely attached to your lapel and complements the overall colour scheme of your suit.

Timeless Accessories

Don't overlook the significance of other timeless accessories that can enhance your wedding suit. A stylish wristwatch, a well-fitted belt, and polished dress shoes can tie your entire ensemble together. Opt for a watch that matches the formality of your suit and complements the colour scheme. A well-matched belt should coordinate with your shoe colour, and polished shoes are essential for a refined and elegant appearance.

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