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How far in advance do I need to order a suit?

2nd March 2023

Figuring out how far in advance you need to get your suit can be difficult. People have concerns about if they lose or gain weight before the event they are ordering it for. They also might change their mind about the style they like. We recommend having your suit completed at least a week or two in advance, and to allow 6 weeks between your initial consultation and this final date. 
This means ideally your first consultation needs to be 7-8 weeks out. Here’s why.  
Our process contains steps that stipulate this 8-week period.  
On the days of your first consultation, we decide on fabric, and design elements and take your measurements. From this information, your fabric is ordered, and we make your fitting mould which is essentially a skeleton version of your suit. We receive this about 2-3 weeks after your initial consultation. Then we get you in to try it on and make any adjustments that need to be made. From this mould, and accounting for all changes and adjustments, we begin construction of your final garment. This takes 2-3 weeks to complete and we will get you in at the end for your final fitting. From there, if there are any minor alterations that need to be made to the final suit we can get them completed on a short turnaround usually ranging from 1-5 days.  

It is important to remember though that each case is different. Things that might affect the timeline include: How available you are for fittings. If you know that you are out of town or are busy and hard to schedule, consider leaving longer. if you are in a pinch, we can skip the fitting mould but we do not recommend doing this unless absolutely necessary because if there are any major issues with the suit such as jacket length, this cannot be changed without a fitting mould.

For more information about wedding suits specifically, head to our Wedding Suit Style Guide. 

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