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Groom Differentiation

By Mark Ferguson

Most grooms would like to stand out or differentiate themselves from the wedding party. We work with the couple to guide the groom/s toward a complimentary outfit while ensuring he differentiates himself. Differentiating yourself the correct way is about balance and really is the key to looking stylish together. Guidelines to follow:

  • Differentiation can be done through colour, fabric texture or style.
  • Style differentiation could be:
  • The groom in a 3-piece suit while the groomsmen in 2 piece. Groom wearing a jacket, Groomsmen wearing waistcoats Groom wearing a bow tie, Groomsmen wearing neck tie Groom wearing a sports jacket, Groomsmen wearing spenders with the bow ties There are many more options..
  • Understand the theming and colour palette of your wedding including bridesmaids, groomsmen, flowers & venue.
  • When there is only the Groom & Best Man, the suits should be very similar if not the same with only minor details (accessories) being the difference.
  • Trust your tailor or clothier, they should ask to view a photo of your fiancé dress to understand the style and formality of the dress.

We love being a part of your special day, for more guidance make an appointment and we would love to help you.

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