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Finding the Right Suit for the Groom - Part 3

9th March 2022

Now that you know the setting and where you’re going to get your suit, all that’s left are the details. Starting with the fabric, you’ll want to pick something comfortable. You can’t go wrong with 100% wool. A weight in the 150s will assure that it’s light and breathes well while maintaining durability. It’s a perfect choice for a suit that will have some use after the wedding. However, for those casual beach weddings, natural and poly-blended linens are a superb option for staying cool.

In terms of fit, you’ll want to consider your personal preferences and body shape, as well as how often you plan to wear the suit. Generally speaking, there are three options:

Tapered - Offers a tight and comfortable fit in the chest, waist, arms, and back. This fit shows off your physique,

Regular - Close fit at the waist. Allows for a greater degree of movement.

Loose - The most comfortable fit.

After it’s all said and done, there is a lot of work that goes into picking the right suit for the big day. However, consider the effort you put into preparing for your wedding day as time well spent. After all, it’s a day you’ll remember forever.

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