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Everything You Need to Know About Suiting Up for The Races

26th October 2023

Horse racing is a thrilling and elegant sport that has captivated audiences for centuries. Attending a horse race, whether it's the Kentucky Derby or a local event, provides an opportunity to witness the grace and power of these magnificent animals up close. While the focus is on the horses and their jockeys, dressing the part is an essential aspect of the overall experience. In this article, we will guide you through everything you need to know about suiting up for the races. 

Dress Code 

Horse racing events often have a dress code that reflects the tradition and sophistication of the sport. While the level of formality may vary depending on the event, it's generally recommended to dress smartly. For men, a tailored suit or sports coat with a dress shirt and tie is appropriate. Women can opt for a chic dress or a tailored pantsuit. Remember to check the specific dress code requirements for the event you're attending to ensure you're properly attired. 


Colours and Fabrics 

When selecting your attire for the races, consider the season and the weather. Lighter colours and breathable fabrics like linen or cotton are ideal for summer races, while wool or tweed suits are more suitable for cooler weather. Pastel shades and vibrant hues are often favoured during spring and summer, while earth tones and deeper colours are popular in autumn and winter. 



One of the most iconic aspects of race day fashion is the headwear. Women can showcase their style with an elegant hat, fascinator, or headpiece. These accessories come in various shapes, sizes, and designs, allowing you to express your individuality and complement your outfit. Men can consider wearing a classic fedora or a stylish Panama hat to complete their race day look. 



Comfortable footwear is essential for a day at the races, as you'll be on your feet for extended periods. Women can opt for stylish heels or wedges, but it's a good idea to choose a height that you can comfortably walk and stand in. Men can wear polished dress shoes that complement their outfit. Remember to consider the terrain as well; if you'll be walking on grass or uneven surfaces, choose shoes with a suitable sole.


Accessories are an opportunity to elevate your race day ensemble. Men can add a pocket square, cufflinks, or a statement tie pin to their outfits. For women, statement jewellery, a clutch purse, and sunglasses can add a touch of glamour. 



Along with dressing appropriately, it's important to adhere to race day etiquette. Be respectful of the event, the organisers, and fellow attendees. Avoid excessive drinking and maintain a level of decorum. Additionally, familiarise yourself with any specific rules or regulations related to the racecourse you're visiting. 

Attending a horse race is not just about watching the thrilling races; it's an opportunity to immerse yourself in the tradition and style associated with the sport. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that you're suitably dressed for the occasion. Remember to check the specific dress code requirements for the event you're attending, as each racecourse may have its own rules and expectations. So, suit up, embrace the elegance of the races, and enjoy a memorable day at the track. 


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