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Easter Weddings

By Mark Ferguson

Easter Weddings

Spring months were the time when most decided to tie the knot. However, Easter has become a favorite, incorporating the rich colourful backdrop of Autumn created by the ever-changing foliage. An Easter Wedding has always held a special place in the wedding calendar as it represents “New Beginnings”.

In this review, we will concentrate on what men should expect to wear for these colourful Autumn Easter ceremonies.

Perfect Autumn Colours 

It goes without saying: traditional black is “in” for most formal ceremonies, almost any time of the year. An Autumn Easter wedding is no exception. However, as weddings are slowly becoming less customary, other colours are making their way onto the scene. Depending on the décor and theme for the wedding, it’s not uncommon to see men with jackets and pants in various tones of brown or a deep rich green. These create a nice, earthy backdrop for shirts and handkerchiefs of Autumn colours such as orange, yellow, and hunter green. Of course, the tie is also a great place to adorn the groom with some Autumn tones. Burgundy is a particularly popular choice for men’s ties, as it fits the scene while still being masculine.

Designs for Grooms 

In terms of fit and style, you’ll want to take your physique into consideration. For instance, men who are stocky should avoid long jackets. Similarly, if you are barrel-chested, a double-breasted jacket may be an option (they are officially back this year). You may also want to consider darker colours, as they will make you look slimmer. Additionally, keep in mind that vertical stripes will make you look taller. For those who are tall and thin, good news: you can choose almost any style. However, if you want to fill out your physique, working a checkered pattern into the outfit will help considerably. In terms of fabric, wool is a good choice as is velvet it adds a richness and warmth as the Autumn temperature dial begins to creep down. One final word here -- regardless of body shape, a colour-coordinated cotton shirt to go underneath the suit is a good selection any time of year.


Don’t forget the groomsmen 

You’ll want to follow similar rules for your groomsmen. However, as with the Bride you’ll definitely want the groom to stand out. A good way to do this is to pick a different but coordinating suit colour for him. You can also use the suit’s design to further differentiate. One technique is for the groom to wear a vest, making him the most formal of the wedding party to compliment the bride. This is a subtle but effective way to make sure there’s no question about who the man of the hour is.

Whether you play the role of groom or groomsman in a wedding this Autumn Easter, make sure to consider the trends for the season like contrasting, check, stripe and prints before choosing your attire. Remember to take a cue from this beautiful time of year: Be crisp and earthy, with a touch of colour.

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