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Destination Weddings: What is the dress code and what do I wear

4th July 2023

In the realm of destination weddings, where love and adventure converge, what you wear becomes an artful expression of both style and practicality. As guests embark on this enchanting journey, they must consider not only the venue and theme but also the fabrics and designs that will ensure comfort and elegance amidst their special surroundings. Let us delve into the best suit options for fabric and design for a destination wedding. 

Beach Wedding 

When it comes to fabric, the best choice lies within the elements that surround the wedding. Is it beachy, tropical, surrounded by greenery or a combination? For beachside ceremonies beneath the golden sun, light and breathable materials become paramount. Embrace the caress of the ocean breeze with flowing fabrics such: 

  • Silk
  • Linen
  • Soft Cottons

These fabrics lend themselves well to airy, loose-fitting dresses and suits that effortlessly move with the body, allowing for comfortable mobility and a sense of laid-back sophistication. 

Consider a soft cotton fabric in a radiant colour or beautiful and bright pattern to make a gorgeous and completely appropriate unconstructed jacket. 

Warm Weather Fabrics 

For warmer climates, cotton and linen become fundamental. Their natural fibres invite coolness and breathability, ensuring that guests remain at ease even as the temperature rises. For the ladies, consider a cotton sundress, adorned with playful prints and eye-catching colours for optimal comfort and style. Linen suits, renowned for their relaxed yet refined aesthetic, embody a sense of effortless charm for the gentlemen. These fabrics harmonise effortlessly with the natural beauty of the destination, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the celebration. 

Hot and Cold 

If the weather drops between day and night at the destination, evening affairs may require jacket fabrics that provide warmth and opulence. Embrace the allure of velvet or brocade, which offer both sumptuousness and insulation. A brocade suit jacket adds an air of sophistication and charm and can easily be slipped on and off for a light to dark event. These fabrics infuse your outfit with a luxurious touch, making you feel both comfortable and radiant in your surroundings while pairing well with simple shirts and trousers so your jacket can be taken on and off without aesthetic interruption to the rest of your outfit. 

Match the Destination 

Design, too, plays an instrumental role in the sartorial symphony of a destination wedding. The venue and theme serve as the conductor, guiding the aesthetic choices of the guests. Imagine a rustic vineyard ceremony, with sprawling greenery and rows of grapevines as the backdrop. Embrace the natural beauty of the setting by choosing attire that mirrors the organic charm of the vineyard. 

Ladies could opt for flowing dresses with floral patterns or earthy hues, paying homage to the verdant landscape. Gentlemen can take inspiration from the rustic atmosphere, donning tweed jackets or earth-toned suits, effortlessly blending with the rustic ambiance. 

For a destination wedding steeped in cultural traditions, consider incorporating elements of the local heritage into your attire. 

  • Explore traditional textiles and craftsmanship, such as intricate embroidery or vibrant patterns, that reflect the rich tapestry of the destination's culture. 
  • Embrace the spirit of the locale by selecting attire that pays homage to the traditional garments of the region. 
  • Honour the heritage and customs of the destination and make your presence a meaningful part of the celebration. 

In the realm of destination weddings, fabric and design intertwine to create a harmonious symphony of style. Choose fabrics that marry comfort and elegance, allowing you to move with grace and ease. Let the venue and theme guide your design choices, ensuring that your attire becomes a seamless part of the celebration's visual narrative. Embrace the rich traditions and cultural heritage of the destination, weaving elements of its charm into your ensemble. By adorning yourself in the right fabrics and designs, you become a living canvas, painting a vibrant and memorable portrait within the grand tapestry of the destination wedding experience. 


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