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Christmas Gifting at Wil Valor

3rd December 2023

Every year that familiar sense of dread creeps over us in the weeks leading up to Christmas when we realise, all too suddenly, that we haven’t done nearly enough gift-shopping for our family, mates and partners.

We do love whisky here at Wil Valor however we think this year another bottle of whisky is kind of the easy way out. We suggest something unique, something personal. Some may not know we stock this range of bespoke accessories as we are known mostly for our custom clothes and bespoke suits in Brisbane. From small wonders to big splurges, Mark and Takumi from Wil Valor have curated a list of gifts in stock and ready to gift wrap.

Everything on offer at Wil Valor this year will feel incredible to watch them open and appreciate — unlike those other years with the pack of jocks or the set whisky stones.

A Tachibana Bracelet

Simple, yet significant. Tachibana Co. is a local designer jewellery company that creates high-quality and hand-finished timeless pieces with a Japanese flare. This particular piece is made from Malachite and brings confidence to the wearer.

Andrea Mariani Firenze Socks

Like silk on your feet. Our Andrea Mariani Firenze socks are one of the most popular items from our line of Italian-made accessories. Andrea Mariani Firenze creates haute-couture socks, using only 100% Egypt cotton, considered the best ever for its characteristics. These socks do not produce any pilling effect and guarantee superior resistance to wear.


A small but integral ingredient of the black-tie dress code, cufflinks are one of the most common gifts purchased at Wil Valor. Investing in a set will make every dressy occasion feel as sophisticated as possible. Our styles range from classic and collectable to fun and funky.

Italian Ties

In a post-pandemic world, coming into the office less regularly has made the occasion of getting "dressed up" a little more pleasurable. This is where our Italian-made ties come in. The gift of a tie, a relatively small piece of clothing, is the gift of personal confidence, a calling card, and will set the wearer apart from those around them.

Japanese Silk Pocket Handkerchief

Pocket squares are possibly one of the best products for lifetime value in clothing pieces that you can gift to someone. They do not get the wear and tear of a suit, and generally don’t need to be washed or dry cleaned. You're gifting something that will last a lifetime and can be passed down to future generations. We have many styles of silk handkerchiefs from both Japan and Italy in the showroom now.

Wil Valor X Nacky Made Sunglasses Collection

"Nacky" or Naoki Nakagawa is based out of his atelier in Kobe, Japan where he designs and makes these designer sunglasses. Nacky is one of the high-artisans in the world capable of handmaking eyewear frames from scratch. These frames manage to be both bold and understated. You can check out the ones we have available in the showroom now.

Italian Silk Pocket Handkerchief

Our Italian Silk Handkerchiefs are a great gift for those who wear more colour. These pocket squares or "pocket hanks" have infused classic elegance and style with adventurous and unique character. This gift will add the perfect amount of detail to the recipient's next getup.

Large Luxury Handmade Scarves

Our hand-rolled edged silk scarves are available in the most exquisite fabrics. These luxury scarves have had thousands of hours invested into the distinctive designs, which are beautiful and tell a unique story. Wearing and tying the scarf will be a pleasure for the lucky person receiving this gift.

Italian-Made Swim Trunks

The very best men's swim trunks are designed to double as the very best shorts, and we think we've hit the nail on the head with these ones. Our Italian-made swim trunks are made from a sturdy fabric that performs well in the water, dries quickly out of it, and most importantly won't raise any eyebrows if you’re wearing them more than a few k's from the beach paired with a linen shirt.


Also known as a lapel pin, we think it’s safe to say the brooch has finally made a comeback for both men and women alike, with high-profile celebs donning them on red carpets around the globe. Masculine elegance is back on the agenda and a brooch on your jacket is the must-have accessory. Check out our spectacular range, ready to be wrapped in the Wil Valor showroom.

Of course, we are still offering appointments for custom made suits, tailored clothes, and whatever else that special someone may need for their wardrobe refresh in 2024. No more Googling "The best gifts for..." - visit the friendly team in our showroom and allow us to help you find something for everyone on your list.

Until next time,
Wil Valor

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