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Cerruti at Wil Valor

11th May 2021

Cerruti was founded in 1881 by the Cerruti family in Biella, Italy, a region known for its rich textile heritage and high-quality wool production.

The tech wool offerings from Cerruti have you covered for all seasons. The water-repellent finish means getting caught in the rain won't destroy your favourite suit. Terribly handy for the occasional dinner or red wine spill, the Cerruti fabrics give you the confidence to just get on with your business. The company's commitment to quality and attention to detail has helped establish it as a leading name in the textile industry. Cerruti fabrics are often made from fine woollen yarns and feature a range of textures, including herringbone, tweed, and houndstooth patterns. These fabrics are known for their durability and resistance to wrinkles and wear, making them ideal for use in high-end fashion garments.

Cerruti was established in Biella, in the heart of the traditional Italian textile industry, in 1881, by the brothers Stefane. Antonio and Quintino Cerruti. as a result of various generations of the family who had been working as expert weavers since 1700. Cerruti continues to offer to the most demanding and sophisticated consumers an original and artistic response to their exigences through its men's. women's and designers' collection of refined worsted and woollen fabrics made of the most precious wool, cashmere and silk. Your every day, wear-anywhere, in any conditions suit is... right at your fingertips.

Cerruti at Wil Valor
If you're looking for a tailored suit in Brisbane, consider speaking to the Wil Valor team about a suit made from Cerruti fabric. Wil Valor Men's Suits Brisbane can help you create a Cerruti suit that is perfectly tailored to you, making you look and feel amazing.

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