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Bohemian Wedding

9th December 2022

Bohemian fashion is very different from mainstream clothing. It is sometimes perceived as mismatched, loose and colorful. Bohemian fashion stands out because of the statement it makes - an unconventional and free lifestyle.

This style-meets-comfort fashion phenomenon has been embraced by designers across the globe. Bohemian weddings are starting to make a mark because of its uniqueness and smart casual appeal. It is loved for its unconventional, relaxed and carefree feel. Quirky and creative styling is adopted, resulting in a mish mash of eras, styles and tastes.

It is known for its bright colour palette, which is known as the colours of summer love. Because of freestyle statement and lively colour, couples get to express themselves, thus making the affair more organic and spontaneous.

Brides have a wide array of bohemian wedding dresses and gowns to choose, including laces and flowing tunic dresses. However, grooms may find it challenging to put on something that befits the theme and occasion without looking to casual or ordinary.

If you think bohemian wedding is for you, these are a few points to consider.

  1. Keep it natural. However, you don't have to look too casual, you can keep it laid-back relaxed. You can get a perfectly fitted shirt with patterned fabric that drapes your body. Throw in an earthy toned vest or jacket to enhance your over all look.
  2. Bohemian style focuses on freedom of expression and creativity. It is full of contrasting colours, patterns and texture without losing harmony. Add in a colourful tie, bow tie, pocket square or wear a floral or textured boutonniere for a little extra charm. For more savvy grooms don't be afraid to get a unique cotton jacket to flaunt your individuality. We can use most fabrics including shirt cottons. Just keep it fun and natural.
  3. Go into details. Look for pants, jackets or vests with intricate details, such as unique buttons or elaborate stitching. Mix patterns within the same color palette. They don't even need to match as long as they complement each other.

Whatever you decide to wear, ensure you are comfortable and you feel good in it. Remember perfectly tailored garments offer incomparable comfort with style.

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