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Three Piece Suits

Three Piece Suits

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Three Piece Suits

First commissioned by King Charles II in the mid 1600's, three-piece suits were created as a business solution and were not expected to become the stylish, sophisticated wardrobe addition they are now considered to be.  

With the English wool trade in need of assistance, the ‘Merry Monarch’ developed the vest as a third necessary garment to encourage nobleman to leave behind French fashion and support the English economy with the King-like style. The three-piece suit dramatically evolved from a long and embellished garment to a short and simple one representing affluence and courtliness. 

A three-piece is the signature suit for the well-dressed and formal. The style oozes gentlemanly character and creates a feeling of wealth, understanding and prominence for its wearer. While a three-piece suit is an outfit that naturally boosts your confidence and sophistication, it is always important to know how to properly wear one – always leave the bottom button of your vest and jacket unbuttoned. As has been tradition for over a century, leaving the final button undone increases mobility and nowadays, most jackets and vests are cut and tailored to ensure the drape is more flattering when worn this way. 

The magic number three in suiting lends itself to ultimate versatility. By starting out with the full outfit, it can be worn to a wide range of formal and corporate events in the right fabric. Taking it back down to just the jacket and trousers makes it suitable for day to day office wear, semi-formal and after-5 occasions, and even weddings and celebrations. Removing the jacket and bringing it back to just the vest and trousers with a button up shirt creates quite a versatile casual look. By only changing the number of garments being worn at once from the suit provides a myriad of ways and times it can be worn, and the possibilities of a three-piece suit become endless with effective styling. Wil Valor Men's Suits Brisbane can help you create a three piece suit that is perfectly tailored to you, making you look and feel amazing.

Almost any fabric makes an incredible three-piece suit depending on the occasion and with the help of Brisbane Wil Valor’s expert consultants, the process and journey of choosing the best option for you is made simple. A classic option is a plain black like N707085 or a navy like N707081 by Loro Piana. Alternatively, something with a check pattern through it makes a great statement outfit. There is nary a wrong choice when it comes to three-piece suits, but to ensure you get the perfect suit to fit your style and needs a consultation allows one on one consideration.

Three-Piece Suit FAQ's


Is a three-piece suit more formal than a two-piece?

While the two-piece suit is a staple of menswear, the three-piece suit offers an added level of sophistication and formality. The waistcoat not only provides an extra layer of warmth but also adds depth and texture to an outfit. For a polished and distinguished look, consider a three-piece suit for your next formal occasion. 

Is it OK to wear a three-piece suit to a wedding?

A three-piece suit can be an excellent choice for a wedding, as it offers both elegance and practicality. The added vest provides a sophisticated touch that can elevate your look, while also keeping you warm during colder months. Consider a three-piece suit in a timeless colour such as navy or charcoal for a classic and refined appearance on your big day.

Is a three-piece suit buttoned or unbuttoned?

The general rule of thumb for a three-piece suit is to keep the bottom button of the waistcoat unfastened. This tradition dates back to King Edward VII, who unbuttoned his waistcoat due to his large stomach. Keeping the bottom button unbuttoned allows for more comfortable movement and also helps to prevent unsightly bunching of the waistcoat.

Can you wear a three-piece suit without a tie?

Absolutely, a three-piece suit can be worn without a tie for a more casual yet still refined look. This style is particularly popular in the fashion industry, and a well-fitted three-piece suit can offer a sharp and sophisticated appearance without the formality of a necktie. Consider pairing your suit with a crisp, button-down shirt for a modern and stylish look.

Is a three-piece suit business formal?

Yes, a three-piece suit is considered business formal attire, and it is often worn for important business meetings and formal events. The addition of a vest adds an extra layer of sophistication, making it an excellent choice for those who want to make a lasting impression. Opt for classic colours such as navy or charcoal for a timeless and professional look.

What is the etiquette for a three-piece suit?

A three-piece suit is a classic and elegant garment that requires proper etiquette to look its best. Always leave the bottom button of the waistcoat unbuttoned, wear a tie that complements the suit's colour and pattern, and ensure a well-fitted suit for a polished look. Remember that a three-piece suit is meant to be worn with confidence, so wear it with pride.

Can I wear a three-piece suit for dinner?

A three-piece suit can be an excellent choice for a dinner party, providing a refined and sophisticated look that is sure to impress. Choose a suit in a classic colour, and pair it with a dress shirt and polished shoes for a timeless and elegant appearance. Remember, a well-fitted suit is key to looking your best.

Should a man wear a three-piece suit to a wedding as a guest?

As a wedding guest, a three-piece suit is an excellent choice for a formal occasion. Opt for a suit in a classic colour such as navy or charcoal, and pair it with a dress shirt and polished shoes for a polished look. Remember to consider the dress code and wedding theme before making your final decision.

What is the purpose of a three-piece suit?

The purpose of a three-piece suit is to provide a sophisticated and elegant appearance for formal occasions. The waistcoat adds an extra layer of refinement and can also provide practicality in colder weather. A well-fitted three-piece suit is a timeless investment that exudes confidence and style.

Do three-piece suits make you look slimmer?

Yes, a well-fitted three-piece suit can make you look slimmer by creating a streamlined and elongated appearance. The waistcoat can provide additional support to the midsection, while the fitted jacket and trousers offer a tailored silhouette that flatters your figure. Opt for a suit in a darker colour, such as black or navy, for a slimming effect.

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