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All about linen

All about linen

How can I possibly look smart with so much humidity and heat in the air? The boss said "dress business casual", what does that even mean?

Let's break it down for you

One fabric stands alone, one fabric has stood the test of time, the rigours of desert air, the midday mediterranean sun that fabric is Linen.

Any perceivable shade can be dyed into this cool open weave fabric, so colours are bountiful.

Worn slightly looser and usually untucked in a long sleeved style, linen shirts are the ultimate smart casual summer shirt. Be conscious of the length too as a shirt untucked that is too long will make you look shorter and wider.

At WII Valor we recommend starting out with daytime classics white and navy and black is ideal for evening. From here it's just a matter of checking in on which colour suit you best and then you can add a couple of fun colours that work back well with staple chinos, denim and tailored shorts. To finish off these smart casual looks your shoe choice is paramount. Driving shoes, loafers and chelsea boots are all good options.

Stylist Tip:

Even though this fabric crushes, always iron before wearing as it shows you've made an effort.

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