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What To Wear To Your Formal Wedding

20th March 2023

Deciding on the level of formality for your wedding can be a difficult decision. The most classic and elegant choice is a formal wedding. This means all of your guests are well-dressed, colours are generally more cohesive across the crowd, dresses and suits are easier to match, and it gives you a range of venue/decoration options. 

There are many kinds of suits that you can wear as the groom of a formal wedding. The most common style of suit is a tuxedo but this will look very different depending on your choice of fabric. Of course, a traditional black dinner suit with a luxurious, black satin lapel is a fantastic and timeless choice. It can be worn to almost any formal or black-tie occasion beyond the day making it a fantastic investment. Alternatively, a plain white or off-white jacket with the same black lapel is a popular choice.

There are some more unique but equally as formal and elegant options that are just as versatile and timeless as the two traditional styles we have mentioned. One of our favourites is a coloured velvet – often in a dark red or navy blue. The opulent fabrics bring an air of wealth and luxury to a suit and especially to a tuxedo. It helps a groom to stand out from what can sometimes be a sea of black suits and brings a distinctive quality that properly expresses personality and style.

Our final formal wedding suit suggestion is something that is quite striking. At Wil Valor, we carry a range of sparkling fabrics that perfectly catch the light and make a fashion statement. There are more subtle options such as a shimmering black or navy but it can also be bolder with pink and silver materials. A jacket in this fabric can bring you to life in an instant. For your formal wedding, it is all about feeling classy and true to yourself. These options are a great place to start but this is in no way an exhaustive list. There are many colours and materials that can be adapted to formality by making it a three-piece suit or simply with some good styling. 

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