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Welcome Back

By Mark Ferguson

We have an optimistic outlook for 2021 with the lessons from 2020 are at the forefront of our approach.

This past year has felt a little like a really drawn out Spring clean. The things that no longer serve us or suit us have been let go of. It is time to move forward.

You may find your wardrobe needs more smart casual requirements based on less office meetings. Our research suggests the most difficult part of our lifestyle is to dress are the smart casual Friday to Sunday scenarios. You are not alone, I personally found this the most challenging to master. Pieces like blazers, polos and chinos have become the new suit of armour for many men. Deconstructed suiting is also now more popular and practical than ever.

New fabrics from one of our favourite mills Loro Piana have just landed. Do yourself a favour and drop by the showroom to see just how elegant and sophisticated the 2021 range is. Lets reconnect and create some obligation free solutions to your everyday and special occasion wardrobe needs. If you struggle to make it into the showroom, just drop us a note with your thoughts, questions and needs our team will happily look after you.

Talk soon, Mark.

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