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The Pocket Handkerchief

16th December 2020

The pocket handkerchief has once again become the most essential and functional accessory for any modern gentleman with style.

Prior to this modern age, they were used to cover up an unexpected sneeze or clean up a spill but today they are used merely for the display of individual style. It is undesirable to perfectly coordinate the necktie and the pocket handkerchief as it signals an unsure dresser. A perfectly matched combination leads the viewer's eye away from your face which defeats the purpose of a good outfit. The pocket handkerchief can take its cues from several aspects of your attire, but the colours and patterns of your tie usually determine what is appropriate. Ideally, a pocket handkerchief should bring out accents of your tie pattern and/or be of a similar shade to the shirt's stripes or patterns. The most classic statement is the use of the white handkerchief which immediately gives you a more distinguished look.

For instant sophistication to an open-neck shirt and jacket combination, add a pocket handkerchief.

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