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The Influence of Colour

30th September 2020

The most important but least understood purpose of the male attire is to lead the viewer's eye toward the face. Colours influence first impressions more than any other part of your attire. When the face is surrounded by tones that light up its presence, it greatly affects the ability to create positive attention.

Unlike women, men choose a colour to enhance the face's ability to communicate and not for its beauty or allure. Although a lot is known about the affects of certain colours, there is no readily available information about the transforming effects of clothing colours on a man's appearance. This is where our guidance can greatly benefit you. There are two colour techniques, the first involving the connection between complexion and the clothing's level of contrast. A person's colour signposts are their skin and hair tones. A person's outfits should exhibit the same degree of contrast as both of these features. The second method involves highlighting the face by repeating one or more of its natural pigments in the colour worn.

I have narrowed down the field into two basic sections, muted and contrast. Muted complexion is when your hair and skin are similar in colour. Contrast complexion is when your hair is dark and your skin is light.If you have a contrasting complexion, you are better to surround yourself with contrasting colours of equal strength. This brings life and colour to the wearer's face. If you have a muted complexion, you are better off encasing yourself with less contrast and embracing an earthy/warmer colour format. For example; varying degrees of browns. If you can use the colour featured in your face in the shirt or suit below, you will end up seeing the benefits.

Eye colour follows skin and hair as the next most important indicator. An example is someone with baby blues and nothing brings out these eyes more than a blue-toned shirt or tie. To help direct the viewer's eye to the face, you can choose a suit colour similar to your hair colour. This helps bracket the face between the two.

Ensuring you limit your colour range by following these rules, you will not only save time but also boast a superior purchase.

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