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The heat is on!

By Jeff Lack

The last week in February marks the end of the official summer in Australia, however things have only just begun to get seriously hot in Brisbane, Sydney and Perth. Indian summers have been around since ‘El Niño’ and this means we need to have the right pieces in our wardrobe for our extended summer.

Mainstream fashion is still dictating a fairly sleek (60’s) silhouette, however in Europe the fuller cut trousers and wider lapels are becoming quite popular. One button single breasted with peak lapels are showing up, as are double-breasted suits. Chalk stripes and bold checks are the latest in patterns and earth tones are back in a big way. Buyer beware, poo brown suits are not for everyone. 

At Wil Valor we are not going to throw you in the frying pan, so consider the following when purchasing your next suit for warm weather climes.

Fabric- tropical wool, cool wool, cotton, linen, silk and blends of these are going to serve you best for warmer temperatures. The finer the fabrics are going to crush easily and in particular linen. Wool blends are best for balance in structure and weight.

Construction- consider trying unstructured jackets, particularly if you have a good natural shoulder line. If the jacket is only lined at the front, this will make your suit substantially cooler and lighter. A finer shoulder pad will take weight out of the jacket too.

Fit- I see a lot of guys wearing sprayed on ‘super tight’ fitting suits, guess what? They trap the heat and make for a less comfortable feel in hot weather! Ask for a little more room at the top of your thighs and under your arms for a cooler, freer airflow.

Colour- Silver grey in a super lightweight cool wool would be my first choice. Light colours such as pastel blue, stone and grey are good if you happen to be wearing your suit in direct sun, as they don’t capture heat like dark colours do. Cream, beige and bone can be a little too close to traditional ‘summer wedding’ suit colours, so if your suit is for work, steer clear of these.

Style- Double-breasted suits are in fashion in a big way, however you must have them buttoned up (unless seated) and this means you will trap your body heat. If this is your thing right now, perhaps opt for a seersucker fabric, which is both light and cool. If all else fails you really can’t go wrong with a single-breasted suit. Try pushing your lapels out past the standard 3 1/2 inch width to 4 plus which is more of a contemporary look. Add a 2-inch cuff to a slightly fuller cut trouser for a cooler look and feel.

There you have it ladies and gents, keep your cool in the summer heat and hit the streets wearing a stylish new ‘bag of fruit’ perfectly suited to your requirements.


Stay classy gents,

Jeff Lack Stylist for Wil Valor


Jeff Lack Stylist for Wil Valor

Jeff Lack is a Sydney based stylist and Wil Valor style ambassador.

Lack has 25 years industry experience and has run his styling consultancy for almost 10 years.
Wil Valor and Jeff Lack partnered up in 2012 as preferred tailor for his menswear clientele.

Follow on Instagram @jefflackstylist and for the latest in masculine mens style.


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