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Summer Wedding Suits and Shirts

9th December 2022

Tying the Knot with Style

In terms of men’s fashion, summer is a great time to attend a wedding. That’s because this season allows us the opportunity to try some colours and fabrics that we may not typically wear during other times of the year. In essence, during the summer we can use the rising temperature as reasoning to wear lighter shades that retain less heat. Likewise, this is good rationale for wearing lighter materials that breathe a little easier. If you are in or attending a wedding this summer read on for some tips on staying cool and fashionable this summer.

Cool Colours

Summer is the time to bring out all those lighter colours that have been hiding in your closet the last 9 months. The best part is the same basic colours that are acceptable during the other seasons are great for the summer too. The difference is, in the summer it's best to go with a lighter version. For example, a light grey or light blue suit can be a great way for a man to stay with tried and true conservative colours, but in a more seasonal way. The same goes for khaki or taupe. Both are still connected to the basic brown and green families but their lightness fit in with the summer time. And if the ceremony is on a beach, then you’ve got the perfect reason to break out a white or cream suit.

Breezy Fabrics

With the sometimes extreme temperatures during the summer, it’s important to pick a breathable fabric, especially if the ceremony and/or reception is outdoors. Of course, cotton is always a great choice for summer. It offers arguably the greatest amount of breathability and is very easy to care for. A fabric that may surprise you as a summer choice is worsted wool. It actually keeps the body cool by absorbing moisture. Also, linen is a great summer choice, although many are turned off by its tendency to wrinkle. The good news is, in recent years the usage of linen/polyester blends has taken care of this problem.

Just like years past, carefully choosing the right colour, fabric, and style will keep you feeling cool, comfortable, and fashionable in 2018.

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