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Stylist Q&A: What Shoes to Wear with Each Suit?

4th June 2024

Choosing the right suit is just half the battle. The perfect pair of shoes can elevate your look and bring your entire outfit together, while the wrong choice can throw everything off balance. But with so many suit styles and shoe options, it can be confusing to know which ones go together. 

In this stylist Q&A, we answer your burning question: what shoes to wear with each suit? 


Q: Let's start with the classic: what shoes go best with a black tuxedo?

A: For the ultimate formal occasion, a black tuxedo demands a pair of well-polished black dress shoes. Opt for a classic oxford or derby style with a lace-up closure. Patent leather adds a touch of shine for a truly black-tie event, while a matte finish offers a more understated look.

Q: I have a charcoal grey suit for work and evening events. What kind of shoes should I have for versatility?

A: A charcoal grey suit is a workhorse for any wardrobe. For a professional setting, pair it with black oxford shoes. Brown leather oxfords or derbies are also a great option, adding a touch of warmth. For evening events, elevate your look with black or brown chelsea boots.

Q: I love a navy suit for weddings and special occasions. What shoes should I wear? 

A: Navy is another incredibly versatile colour for suits. Brown shoes are your best friend here. Choose a medium to dark brown shade in a classic oxford, derby, or loafer style. Monk straps also work well with navy suits, adding a touch of sophistication. 


Q: I have a lighter coloured summer suit in beige or linen. What kind of shoes should I wear for a relaxed look? 

A: For a summery vibe, lighter coloured suits call for lighter coloured shoes. Opt for tan or light brown loafers in suede or leather. Boat shoes are another great option for a nautical-inspired look. 

Q: I'm attending a beach wedding. Can I ditch the dress shoes altogether? 

A: For a beach wedding, dress codes are often more relaxed. You can definitely ditch the traditional dress shoes. Opt for a pair of well-fitting chinos with brown leather boat shoes or loafers. Espadrilles are also a great choice, adding a touch of beachy chic. Just ensure they are clean and in good condition. 


Q: I want to add some personality to my wedding attire. Can I wear sneakers with a suit? 

A: While sneakers can work with a suit, it's definitely a bold choice. It depends on the overall style of your wedding and your personal taste. If you do choose sneakers, opt for a clean and minimalist pair in white or black. Avoid chunky styles or loud colours. 


Pro Tips for Choosing Shoes with Your Suit:

  • Consider the Occasion: Formal events demand formal shoes, while more casual settings allow for greater flexibility.
  • Match the Leather: For a cohesive look, try to match the leather of your shoes to your belt.
  • Pay Attention to Colour: Brown shoes work well with most suit colours, while black is best reserved for very formal occasions or black suits. Lighter coloured suits pair best with lighter coloured shoes.
  • Fit is Key: Just like your suit, your shoes should fit well. Ensure they're polished and in good condition.

At Wil Valor, we understand the importance of looking your best from head to toe. We offer a wide selection of suits in a variety of colours and styles, as well as a curated collection of men's shoes to complement any outfit.

So ditch the shoe confusion, and step out in style! 

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