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Style of Self Confidence

By Mark Ferguson

The standard lapel on most suits and jackets is the notch lapel. Classic and professional for business suits and sports jackets. But what does it really say about you?

The word classic has another meaning, standard. Who wants to be standard? The conservative type of man does, is that you? If not, get yourself a suit or jacket that shows your inner confidence which can then be perceived as arrogance and this is just the point. Show people you don’t care what they think. One way to do this is wear a 2 button wide peak lapel jacket in either a solid or bold check. Think Tom Ford. This can also be done by wearing bright colours and pattern mixing. Think a power stripe of the confident Barrister you know. Spring Racing is upon us and this is the perfect time to dress bold and let your inner confidence take centre stage.

Think bold, dress bold.

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