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"Smart-casual"... What does it mean?

4th December 2022

Over the next month, you’ll likely be working your way through a slew of festive events, and no doubt you'll have a few invitations calling for the ever-elusive ‘smart-casual’ dress code.

At Wil Valor we believe a smart-casual dress code allows you to sway along the spectrum as you please, as long as you maintain some form of refinement.

Here are some tips for successful party season dressing:

  1. Check is a festive pattern, so investing in a smart, lightweight check bespoke jacket or plaid sports jacket is foolproof. Linen sports jackets or suits are also a great option in Summer.
  2. You could choose to make a bold open-neck shirt your outfit focus. Have fun with colours or patterns, then add a contrasting sock.
  3. For pants, go with a cotton chino or some custom-made jeans in dark denim.
  4. If you wear sneakers, keep them minimal, clean, and white.
  5. Treat yourself to some TLC - your hair, and beard (if any) should also look the part.
  6. Finish the look with your favourite watch, they're often good conversation starters!

You’ll be stepping out in style at every celebration you attend.

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