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How to Update Your Autumn Wardrobe

20th March 2023

As Autumn kicks off, the temperature shifts and so too does fashion. At Wil Valor, we recognise the need for an adaptable closet; more than that, one which serves each season appropriately and with style. Here we will reveal our predictions for this Autumn and how you can choose versatile but seasonal pieces that will last you many years. As Pantone’s colour of the year is bright magenta, it makes sense for burgundy and deeper shades of red to be in the spotlight this season. With Autumn, comes the routine revival of browns, oranges, purples and other hues associated with falling leaves. 

The palette consistently encapsulates the toastiness we strive for through this time of year. Apricot and pumpkin tones are always popular, and you can’t go wrong with warm chocolate browns. Dark sages and olive greens are another staple.

The colours prevalent in Autumn are reliable and repeat themselves year after year making it worth investing in seasonal and stylish suits. More than that, they have all made comebacks in couture runway as has been recognised across the recent New York and Milan fashion weeks. The many woollen pieces in corporate styles and silhouettes step seamlessly into streetwear with a burgundy blazer and a pair of jeans, or by coupling suit trousers with a boxy tee shirt. We saw many brands experimenting with pops of colour, employing coppery and sage tones partnered with classic greys.

Suiting is returning as day wear, especially when paired with your favourite streetwear. This means that all of your pieces can be worn to the office, on semi-formal and formal occasions, as well in your day-to-day life. As minimalism makes a comeback, classic suits will mix and match with the rest of your autumn wardrobe with ease.

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