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How to choose the colour of your wedding suit

There are a number of considerations when deciding on the colour for your wedding suit. Start with looking at what colours are appropriate for the season.

Springtime opens the door for lighter greys, blues, browns and green. In summer ice blues and off whites are great choices. Autumn brings olive, burgundy, medium greys and darker browns into play, while winter ushers in charcoal, midnight blue, forest green and purples..

The next and the most important consideration is how your suit will look next to your bride/partner and the wedding party. It is important to remember if your bride is wearing an Ivory dress you are best to wear a soft white shirt rather than a bright white shirt.

The next consideration is how will your suits work with the aesthetic of the venue. It is a good idea to view the photos of their website, work out what you like and don’t with the venue. From this, create a pintrest board or folder of suits you like, this will come in handy when you are explaining exactly what you want to your tailor.

Other considerations are the floral colours, the colour palette of the décor and then the dress standard on the invite, the level of formality for your guest somewhat guides your level of formality.

Classically in a formal setting requires a black or midnight blue dinner suit but these days you can have a burgundy or purple velvet.

A semi-formal (lounge suit) occasion can be any colour you desire. See my notes below about with regards to considerations.

Cocktail weddings are generally darker sophisticated colours, Think black, dark blues, deep purple or forest greens.

For garden weddings, browns, and light- to- medium grey and mid blues are great choices.

In a beach setting, think tans, light browns, off-white and ice blues..

This may seem like a lot to consider, but it is worth the effort. We will guide you and make this process easy so you don’t have to. Book an appointment Today.


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