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How Does Wil Valor Give Garments a Second Life?

3rd April 2023

At Wil Valor, we create clothing with the future in mind. While we are all about the perfect fit, the longevity of garments is at the forefront of our work. That focus is not just applicable to tailored suits and sports jackets but also includes fitting garments like moulds. 

As part of our endeavour to achieve consistently flawless tailoring, we build a draft garment called a fitting mould. Although integral to the process, mould pieces are a pattern-making tool and are not wearable outside of a fitting. Ensuring we find a secondary purpose and life for these garments, we donate them to the Brisbane TAFE, where they serve as tools for learning and creating for the local fashion students. 

We recognise that fashion turnover is at a global high, and as retailers in the industry, we strive to be different. Bespoke suits at Wil Valor do not cater to the mass, nor are their designs for the short term. We always consider the versatility of a piece in terms of the who, what, when and where. Who is wearing it, what use do they want to get out of it, when can they wear it, and where can they wear it? Further to versatility, we look for timelessness within your style and create outfits that will stand the test of time with quality and aesthetics. 

As your custom suits and sports jackets get worn, they will inevitably become subject to everyday wear and tear. Instead of discarding or buying replacements at Wil Valor, we encourage fixing and mending. Offering this service reduces the amount of fashion waste we contribute to and makes more sustainable practices accessible to our clients. By making alterations to your clothes when you change shape and bringing them in if a seam loosens over time, you are doing your part to fight fast fashion and increase the longevity of your garments. 

As fashion is the second largest contributor to pollution globally, we must all become more mindful of our wardrobe decisions. Self-accountability and being conscious of our fashion choices are essential in supporting a sustainable future.

That is why, at Wil Valor, we always aim to give all garments a second life.

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