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Find Your Perfect Wedding Suit

25th January 2023

Wil Valors' latest expert column is in the Feb issue of Style Magazine!

With Love in the air, let's focus on wedding suits and the considerations to get your perfect wedding suit.

What time of year is your wedding?

What is the theme of your wedding?

  • Theme of the Wedding Venue
  • Colour and formality of your partner’s outfit and bridal party
  • Colour of the flowers and accessories
  • Dress code on your invitation

Are you looking for versatility for after the wedding?

Do you want a suit, sport jacket/chino or dinner suit?

Your answers to these questions form the style direction of your wedding suit and narrow down your options. To assist look at the photos of previous clients at your venue as this will provide you with an insight into the style of suits which are best suited to the venue. Creating a Pinterest board will also assist in collating your thoughts and ideas. This Pinterest board will also assist your tailor in creating your perfect wedding suit.

Our wedding clients are embracing more colour and texture than ever before. No longer content with the blacks, blues, and greys, people want to step out in something which shows their personal style. With the largest fabric range within Brisbane, your imagination is the limit.

Read more about wedding suits here. 

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