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Dapper Decisions: Unveiling the Perfect Tuxedo Styles for Every Occasion

4th September 2023

From lavish galas to intimate weddings, the tuxedo stands as a beacon of elegance and refinement in men's fashion. Navigating the world of tuxedo styles is akin to mastering an art, where each choice carries significance. Let's explore the nuances of tuxedo etiquette and the variety of styles available. 

Understanding Tuxedo Etiquette and Occasions 

 Decoding the events that call for a tuxedo 

  • Tuxedos symbolise respect for the gravity of the occasion. When a dress code reads black-tie, it calls for a tuxedo. Adorning a tuxedo shows your appreciation for the event's importance and tradition. 

Black-tie galas, weddings, award ceremonies, and more 

  • Black-tie affairs are a realm where tuxedos reign supreme. These occasions are an ode to elegance and formality, where a tuxedo is the unspoken dress code. Weddings and award ceremonies echo this sentiment, and your choice to wear a tuxedo resonates with the event's significance. Other examples of black-tie events include school formals, extra-fancy birthdays, balls, awards ceremonies 

Classic Elegance: The Timeless Black-Tie Tuxedo 

  • The epitome of elegance, the timeless black-tie tuxedo, holds an enduring charm. To truly grasp its essence, one must delve into its components and styling. 

Breaking down the components of a classic black-tie ensemble 

Choosing the right lapel style and jacket silhouette 

  • The lapel style and jacket silhouette set the foundation for your tuxedo look. Whether you opt for the assertive peaked lapel or the refined shawl collar, your choice conveys a distinct message. The single-breasted jacket is a canvas of classic sophistication, while double-breasted jackets add a touch of daring flair. 

Styling tips for accessories and footwear 

  • A well-chosen bow tie and patent leather shoes speak volumes about your attention to detail. Keep accessories minimal to maintain the refined look, ensuring each piece harmonises seamlessly. 

Modern Trends: Exploring Contemporary Tuxedo Variations 

  • Recently, we have seen more velvet and peak lapel dinner jackets. Velvet allows you to maintain opulence while exploring more rich colours like burgundy and blue. 

The rise of navy, midnight blue, and other alternative colours 

Experimenting with different fabrics, textures, and patterns 

  • The tuxedo palette has expanded beyond black to include navy, midnight blue, and alternative hues. This opens the door to experimenting with fabrics, textures, and patterns. Velvet and jacquard tuxedos provide a lavish, modern twist. 

Embracing slim-fit and tailored tuxedo options 

  • Modern times have ushered in a preference for sleek silhouettes. Embracing slim-fit and tailored tuxedos caters to this aesthetic, offering a sophisticated and snug appearance. These styles bring a fresh perspective to the classic tuxedo ensemble. 

Destination Affairs: Tuxedo Choices for Different Venues 

  • If your event is taking place in an exciting location, do not be afraid to break tradition. A light blue tuxedo would be perfect for a beach occasion, a sparkling navy would be amazing under the moonlight, and a patterned jacquard material will bring some fun without overstepping the dress code. 

Beach weddings, garden parties, and outdoor events  

Adapting your tuxedo style to suit the venue's ambiance 

  • For beach weddings and garden parties, lightweight fabrics and breathable designs are a must. A fine, white or cream jacket wears well for any outdoor event and if you would like to stay in the darker colours, navy is the perfect softened alternative. 

Tips for staying comfortable while looking polished 

  • Opt for breathable fabrics and well-fitted designs. These choices ensure that you exude confidence while enjoying the event.  

Personalising Your Tuxedo: Adding Your Unique Touch 

  • Adding custom embroidered initials or choosing a unique and patterned internal lining are small details that make all the difference.

Incorporating personal flair through accessories 

Customising details like cufflinks, pocket squares, and boutonnieres 

  • Customised cufflinks, pocket squares, and boutonnieres infuse your personality into the ensemble. This delicate balance between tradition and individuality is where true style emerges. 

Balancing tradition with individuality 

  • Incorporate accessories that reflect your personality while maintaining the tuxedo's refined essence. Keep a black sating lapel but experiment with jacket fabric and colours. 

 The Complete Package: Tuxedo Rentals vs. Purchases 

  • While a rental can look sophisticated, purchasing a custom-tailored suit will not only ensure the fit and feel are unbeatable but will also provide you with the opportunity to curate every detail of your outfit. This makes your tuxedo all the more special and you will be most

Pros and cons of renting vs. buying a tuxedo 

Factors to consider when making your decision 

  • Choosing between renting and buying depends on factors like frequency of use and personal style. Consider how often you'll wear a tuxedo and your desire for customisation. 

Tips for ensuring the perfect fit, whether renting or buying 

  • Whether you rent or buy, fit is paramount. Tailoring transforms an ensemble, ensuring you look your best. As this is a process that cannot take place with rentals, to achieve the best fit you will need a tailor-made tuxedo. Since dinner suits and tuxedos are worn to the most prestigious events on your calendar, investing in a custom one can be a wise and timeless choice. 

Accessorising for Impact: Elevate Your Tuxedo Look 

  • Choosing the proper necktie, and adding sophistication through studs, cufflinks, pocket hanks, brooches and boutonnieres is a fantastic way to elevate your style. 


Choosing the right bow tie or necktie for your tuxedo  

Cufflinks, studs, and other refined accents 

  • Choose accessories that enhance your tuxedo, like cufflinks and studs that complement your overall look. These refined accents elevate your appearance. 

 Selecting the right dress shirt and shoes to complement your tuxedo 

  • The harmony between your dress shirt and shoes is essential. Opt for a crisp white dress shirt and polished Oxfords to complete the ensemble. 

 Beyond the Basics: Expert Tips for Tuxedo Confidence 

  • Confidence is the crowning jewel of any tuxedo ensemble. A perfectly fitted tuxedo that you helped to design is the ultimate way to boost your black-tie confidence. 

Carry yourself with poise, understanding that your attire reflects respect for the occasion and attendees. Confidence, coupled with your perfectly styled tuxedo, creates an indelible impression. 


In conclusion, navigating the myriad tuxedo styles is an art that blends tradition, modernity, and personal expression. Understanding the etiquette of each occasion and mastering the nuances of each tuxedo element culminates in a truly distinguished appearance. 


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